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  • Letter: Congratulations to all candidates

    I would like to thank the 104 people in Mora County who still believe in me. Know that even if I lost the election, I will always be there to help in whatever way I can if they ever need me.

    I tell the truth and can back it up in black and white. I also write a lot of informational articles in the paper which some people detest, but there was a lot of negative verbal publicity and defamation of character in this election process, before and after, and I detest that.

  • Letter: Not a matter of if, but one of when

    On the morning of June 6, there was a structure fire that had spread to the forested property in the Rincon Ranch subdivision. One home burned, however, there was not anyone injured.  It was a seasonal vacation home.

     I would like to thank the Guadalupita, Moreno Valley and Mora fire departments for their quick response. Also, I would like the thank the neighboring residents who provided quick response help until the departments arrived.

  • Letter: ACLU shouldn't defend Kilmer

    This is in response to recent news articles published throughout New Mexico in reference to disparaging and racist remarks (allegedly) made by Val Kilmer, actor, who is now scheduled to appear before the San Miguel County Commissioners on June 23. Remarks he made back in 2003 and 2005 with Esquire Magazine and the Rolling Stone Magazine, are now being denied by Mr. Kilmer. Both magazines have stated publicly that despite Kilmer’s denial, they both stand (by) their publications.

  • City follows AG's advice on openness

    What was once secret at City Hall is now public.

    Last year, then-City Attorney Carlos Quiñones told the City Council that one of its members couldn’t be trusted because someone had released e-mails among council members to the public.

    In a confidential memo, Quiñones said an Optic story in March 2009 made clear that someone was releasing the e-mails in violation of the ethics code and his legal advice.

    Last week, however, the new city attorney, Dave Romero, read some of those very same e-mails into the record at a City Council meeting.

  • Editorial Thumbs

    Thumbs UP to ... GLAD TO GET THEIR ATTENTION. Last week, just three days after primary election day, both major party nominees for governor and lieutenant governor came to town. Republicans Susana Martinez and John Sanchez and Democrats Diane Denish and Brian Colon visited Las Vegas, meeting with and speaking to their supporters as part of their introductory general election campaigns.

  • Adult softball

    The following are recent scores and upcoming games from the City of Las Vegas adult softball league. Games take place at the city’s Rodriguez Softball Complex off Grant Street.

    Men’s division

    Monday, June 7

    Buzzards 17, The Best 12; Hackers 25, Tecolote 12; DB’s Milkmen 12, Dream Team 8

    Upcoming games:

    MONday, June 14

    The Best vs. Louisville Chuggers, 6:15 p.m.; Hackers vs. Vegas Boyz, 7:30 p.m.; Dream Team vs. Tecolote, 8:45 p.m.

    WEDNESday, June 16

  • Students argue issues, but still show respect

    Back in the 1930s, a teacher at a small school in the South told his students they could compete with anyone if they learned the proper skills.

    Teacher Melvin Tolson’s students came from historically black Wiley College in the time when Jim Crow laws were common, and lynch mobs were a pervasive fear for black men and women in the United States.

    Eight decades later, a movie staring Denzel Washington was made based on Tolson, his debate team and their efforts to get on an equal footing with whites in a segregated nation. 

  • Editorial: Empower, don't just spend

    We expect the Las Vegas City Council to scrutinize all expenses — whatever the funding source. Last week, the council, to its credit, did just that.

    A majority voted down a request from the public housing authority to pay up to $5,700 to a consultant to form a residents council. Councilwoman Tonita Gurule-Giron questioned why the city’s staff couldn’t form such a committee.

  • Little League

    The following are recent scores and upcoming baseball, softball and tee-ball games for La Plaza Little League and Las Vegas Little League.

    La Plaza games take place at Rodriguez Park off Grant Street; Las Vegas games at Keyes Park off Mills Avenue.

    Recent scores:


    Las Vegas majors: Yankees 8, Mets 5

    Las Vegas minors: Red Sox 16, Padres 3


    Las Vegas majors: Reds 11, Rockies 10

    Interleague majors baseball: La Plaza A’s 4, Pecos A 2; La Plaza Dodgers 10, Pecos B 1

  • Letter: All sides should have input

    I moved to New Mexico 35 years ago. The clean air, wildlife, earth, people and culture make this a most beautiful place to live. Now the oil and gas industry wants to move in and ruin our home.