Today's News

  • Agency may seek housing gas refund

    A federal agency says it may have the local housing authority request a refund on its natural gas bills for previous overcharges by the city.

    Patricia Campbell, a spokeswoman with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, said Tuesday that her agency would have to first look at an independent auditor’s report on the city’s natural gas rates.

    She said that based on her agency’s information so far, it would have the housing authority seek a refund from the city’s natural gas utility.

  • DA to city: Credit customers

    District Attorney Richard Flores this morning urged the city of Las Vegas to credit its customers for some of the time they were overcharged for natural gas.

    In a news release this morning, Flores said he has found no criminality in the city’s handling of its natural gas ordinance. However, he said he is concerned with the city’s “non-action” on the issue.

  • Both districts to have assessments

    Students from the West and East school districts will begin testing today on one of the four assessments required by the state Public Education Department.

    Third- through eighth-graders and 11th-graders will test on the Standards Based Assessment, which tests third through eighth grades on reading, writing, mathematics and science. In 11th grade, the test is offered in both English and Spanish and will include social studies as part of the test.

  • Voters to decide on council pay

    Voters will have their say on the salaries for the mayor and City Council members during the municipal election next Tuesday.

    Last summer, Las Vegan Steve Gonzales turned in a petition with the required number of signatures to trigger a referendum on the salaries.

    On the ballot, voters will get a yes-or-no choice on whether the electorate should decide on the salaries for the mayor and council members.

  • Conchas sheriff's deputy now has place to stay

    The deputy sheriff assigned to the Conchas Dam area will get to live there after all because of a donation of a mobile home.

    Earlier this month, the County Commission approved the lease of Conchas Fire Department property to allow American Legion Post 19 in Conchas Dam to place a mobile home for the deputy sheriff.

    Last fall, the county terminated its housing agreement with Deputy Sheriff John Hartigan because officials said the costs of repairs to the previous county-owned mobile home were not affordable when compared to its value.

  • City to pay about $50,000 for audit

    The cost of an audit for the city of Las Vegas’ natural gas rates is likely to cost nearly $50,000, a state official said Monday.

    Last year, the Accounting and Consulting Group entered into a contract not to exceed $49,500 to audit the city’s natural gas rates, said Chuck Montao, director of fraud investigations and special audits at the state auditor’s office.

    “Actual billings for services rendered will likely approach that amount,” he said in a statement.

  • Forest Service district ranger takes Washington job

    Joe Reddan is leaving his post after more than five years as the Forest Services district ranger for Las Vegas and Pecos.

    Ive truly enjoyed my past five years serving the people of New Mexico, especially the residents and communities that make up the Pecos-Las Vegas Ranger District, Redden said in a statement.

    He has accepted a promotion as a legislative affairs specialist with the Forest Service in Washington, D.C.

    In his new assignment, Reddan will be tracking hearings and legislation in Congress for the Forest Service.

  • Students prepare to fly the nest

    Some days the relentless negative news blaring from the television or computer screen taunts the viewer: the country’s gone crazy! Lunatics are running the world. Days like that, what’s a sane person to do?

  • City moves to clean properties

    The city of Las Vegas last week entered agreements to clean up properties owned by the community’s two most prominent alleged code violators.

    Bob Dalton has entered an agreement to clear the rubble of the old Center Block building, which collapsed in August 2006. Under its terms, the city has the right to remove the piles of bricks and other debris after June 1 if Dalton doesn’t do it himself. But the city has to give a seven-day notice before entering the property.

  • Noche de la Trova showcases local talent

    Joshua Sandoval grins, microphone in small hand. The tiny Los Ninos Elementary School student struts around the stage as if owns it, as if he carries no fear.

    He sings a traditional Latino song with confidence, with an inner peace so fierce, so radiantly happy, his audience can’t help but smile with him. Sandoval, along with other members of the Las Vegas community, will be on the bill for Casa de Cultura’s first Noche de la Trova talent night, Thursday, Feb. 21, at Joe’s Ringside Bar on Grand Avenue.