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  • Fresh ginger: What it is and how to use it

    By J.M. HIRSCH
    AP Food Editor

    People have been eating it for thousands of years, yet still no one can tell me why it should be peeled. So I don’t, and neither should you.

    “It” being fresh ginger, the gnarly brown root that lives amongst the grocer’s Asian produce. And the flavor is so much better than dried, you must get to know it.

  • Taking your potato salad to the next level

    By Alison Ladman
    For The Associated Press

    Whether you dress your potato salad with mayo or belong more in the vinegar camp, the beauty of this picnic staple is that it so wonderfully accommodates just about anything you care to add. And if the flavors are big and bold, all the better.

    So this year we decided to take a basic vinegar potato salad to the next level.

    We added all the trimmings you’d typically expect on an Italian grinder.

  • Shuffling at wildlife agency triggers concerns

    By Susan Montoya Bryan
    The Associated Press

    ALBUQUERQUE — Environmentalists are concerned that reorganizing the New Mexico Game and Fish Department could spell trouble for the state’s nongame animals and programs aimed at conserving threatened and endangered species.

    Not so, the agency says.

    A lightning rod for controversy, the department is again sitting at the center of a longstanding debate over its mission and how it balances conservation and the interests of hunters and anglers whose license fees pay for much of the department’s work.

  • Jail Log - July 27, 2012

    The following individuals were booked into the San Miguel County Detention Center July 16-24:

    Katherine Duran, 30, Adult Probation Office warrant
    Eloy Dominguez, 62, criminal trespass
    Richard Madrid, 55, driving under the influence, driving on a suspended/revoked driver's license
    Anthony Maestas, 52, disorderly conduct
    Sharon Montoya, 33, battery on a household member
    John Brito, 45, felony warrant
    Daniel Kyle, 37, aggravated stalking
    Jose Dimas, 24, Adult Probation Office warrant
    Mark Esquibel, 43, aggravated battery on a household member

  • In Brief - New Mexico News - July 27, 2012

    From The Associated Press

    Highlands awarded Kellogg grants

    The W.K. Kellogg Foundation has awarded New Mexico Highlands University a $500,000 grant aimed at helping incoming freshmen with science classes.

    The foundation announced the two-year grant last week and said the award with go to the to the university’s Achieving in Research, Math and Science Program, also known as ARMAS.

    Edward Martinez, natural resources professor and ARMAS director, said the grant will help school officials target students who struggle with science early on.

  • Study challenges views on forest fires

    By Scott Sonner
    The Associated Press

    RENO, Nev. — Scientists using field notes from surveys first conducted by the government before the Civil War believe they’ve gained a better understanding of how Western wildfires behaved historically.

    Researchers at the University of Wyoming studied historical fire patterns across millions of acres of dry Western forests. Their findings challenge the current operating protocol of the U.S. Forest Service and other agencies that today’s fires are burning hotter and more frequently than in the past.

  • Bikers rolling in this weekend

    Las Vegas’ 2012 Rough Rider Motorcycle Rally is coming to town — bringing with it bikers from all walks of life and, with them, camaraderie, unique bikes, and personalities that annually characterize the rally.

    The rally will run from Friday through Sunday at the Plaza Park and Bridge Street areas of Old Town.

  • Wife gets 10 years for murder

    Sixteen months after Suzanne Aguilar stabbed her husband to death, she stood inside a courtroom in an orange jail suit, her wrists shackled to her waist, saying she was sorry for what happened.

    “I loved my husband dearly ...,” she said Monday morning during her sentencing hearing at the San Miguel County courthouse. “He wasn’t only my husband. He was my best friend.”

    “I’m truly sorry,” Aguilar said. “That’s it, your honor.”

  • Three-wheeled beauty - Motorcycle rally is this weekend

    The iron horses roll into town this weekend for the seventh annual Rough Rider Motorcycle Rally.

    This year’s rally is expected to bring in thousands of motorcycles of all makes, models and styles for the three day event, which starts Friday.

    Motorcyclists from all walks of life will continue a tradition that started nearly a century ago with Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders; however, in those times they sometimes came into the Meadow City on horses instead of motorcycles.

  • Fired HU officer claims retaliation

    The latest member of the Highlands University police and security department to be fired says he doesn’t understand why the many complaints from officers and the no-confidence vote on the chief are falling on deaf ears.

    Gilbert Vega, who retired as chief of the Las Vegas Police Department in 1998, said that, in the last six months, two night-shift officers have been terminated, including himself, two officers have been suspended and one left because he was fed up with the situation.