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  • LETTER: Reyes' not along in rights violations

    In response to the Dec. 24 editorial column “Christmas In Jail” and in regard to the procedural pariah of “speedy trail,” I am appalled at the amazement.

  • EDITORIAL: Thumbs

    UP thumb ... PRESIDENT OBAMA. Not since Franklin Roosevelt replaced Herbert Hoover has this nation seen such a dramatic change in presidential leadership. The differences between George W. Bush and Barack Obama are tremendous — and the change comes not a moment too soon.

    From his executive order to close Guantanamo Bay to his economic stimulus package, Obama is an immediate breathe of fresh air. The nation is in for a tough year, and we’re glad he’s at the helm.

  • Maldonado era over at WLV

    Two and out.

    Mike Maldonado is out after two years as head coach of football and one of boys’ track and field at West Las Vegas High School.

    WLVS Superintendent Jim Abreu said he informed Maldonado on Wednesday of his decision “to go in a different direction” with both athletic programs. The football decision had been reached within the past several days, but this week the school district also opted to relieve Maldonado of the track responsibilities as well.

  • Program spreads anti-drinking message

    Residents and police officers are getting out the message about the laws against underage drinking.

    Last weekend, they placed stickers on multi-packs of alcoholic beverages as part of the MADD Sticker Shock event. The San Miguel County DWI program participated in the effort.

    The “Paul Storm” youth team also volunteered, including Edward Estrada, Elaine Estrada, Dyonne Estrada, Letticia Gutierrez, and Alexis DeVries.

    Law enforcement officers were also present, consisting of state police Officer Frank Chavez and sheriff’s Deputy William Cruz.

  • LETTER: Going in circles to fix wrong things

    I have read an editorial and another individual discuss problems with changes to Grand Avenue, Seventh Street traffic control, New Mexico Street traffic and the Interstate 25 corridor comments. I thought I was one of the few that have noticed what exists along I-25. If I was a tourist and traveling along that corridor, I may not have any interest in stopping in Las Vegas unless I needed gas. The Chamber of Commerce and the City Council should be shown a video of what you see on both sides of I-25 and that should be incorporated into a comprehensive plan about traffic control and tourism.

  • A look at 'Latino Beginnings'

    Let me begin with a confession — although I am trying to live green, I still watch TV. Being a contender for “cheapest man alive,” I have abandoned cable and dish, and I now watch TV for free through several internet television sites, most notably Hulu.com and Fancast.com. I get to watch all sorts of great stuff, but that’s not what this column is really about.

  • Man is killed in Mora County

    A man is accused of killing another in Mora County on Wednesday.

    Leroy Lovato, 61, of Holman was the victim, state police Capt. Toby Dolan said. Arrested on an open count of murder was Daniel Lovato, 27, of Las Vegas, who is believed to be related to the victim, officials said.

    Around 10:30 a.m., a call was made to 911 about a possible homicide. Four state police officers responded to the call, which was made from Holman, three miles east of Mora.

  • Las Vegas Museum offers community blog

    The Las Vegas City museum is seeking suggestions for improvement, and has created a community blog to encourage community members to offer their recommendations for change.

  • Victims: Coaches were aware

    SANTA FE — “I went to the bathroom, and I cried.”

    That’s what the youngest victim of an alleged sexual assault at a Robertson High football preseason camp recalled of the moments after he was allegedly ambushed, pinned to the floor and violated with a broomstick by a group of teammates.

  • A world without race

    Imagine walking outside your door and seeing nothing but peace. There’s nobody out there cussing and yelling at each other. Nobody is fighting. Imagine having a world with no race. Everybody full of peace, love and no judgment. Sounds all like a dream, right? It really isn’t; it’s within arm’s reach but nobody seems to realize it.