Today's News

  • The flag represens freedom

    Last year, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama quit wearing his flag lapel pin on a regular basis. He said he thought the pin was a substitute for true patriotism.

    This may actually become an issue in this year’s presidential campaign — a distraction from the more important matters at hand, but an issue nonetheless.

    Never mind that both Republican presidential candidate John McCain and Obama’s former Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, don’t wear such pins. Some on the far right are whispering that Obama doesn’t love his country.

  • A dad that raised dads

    Many of you remember my father, Charles McDonald, since he lived here for a while serving as interim pastor of First United Methodist Church in Las Vegas. He’s back in Arkansas now, where he spent nearly all his life, but I know he made an impression on some people here because people ask me about him, and my mother, on a regular basis.

  • Local kids earn YAFL sponsorships

    Don’t tell Byron Baca Christmas only comes in December.

    The Sierra Vista Elementary fifth-grader was all grins recently when he was pulled out of class to receive one of five New Mexico Land & Title YAFL sponsorships awarded by local businessman Jay Moore and Robertson football coach Raymond Woods.

    “You ready to play some football?” Woods asked Baca as he accepted a certificate from Moore. “Yeah!” the youngster exclaimed.

  • Coalition uniting animal rescuers

    A string of large wire cages sits in the open sun next to a deserted lot covered in wood scrap and rusted debris. The dogs pace, eyes wary, sometimes dipping inside plastic igloos and beneath makeshift shelters to hide from June’s relentless solar rays.

    Electra, a boxer mix with wiry yellow fur, leans her pug nose through a space in the chicken wire. She seems to smile despite the meager surroundings.

  • Revering the reverence of others

    The summer before my sophomore year of high school was a summer of change and adventure. It might’ve seemed like an ordinary summer at the time, but looking back, I can clearly see that it was different. It was the summer the sixth Harry Potter book came out. It was the summer before my sister started college. It was the first summer I attended summer camp. It was the last summer I spent with my best friend before she moved to Texas.

  • Marcia Henning connects the dots

    A little brown dog lays in an astral bed, his twitching body on a mat covered in the word “bone,” one eye tipped toward heaven.

    A studded collar rings his neck, the studs echoing a cascade of colorful dots as if the dog sleeps in space, his body ringed with licks of fire. Artist Marcia Henning’s “Harpo Dreaming,” an acrylic on canvas painting, celebrates the life and hopeful afterlife of a dearly departed pet in her June exhibition at Traveler’s Cafe.

  • Luna students receive awards

    The Luna Community College Business and Professional Studies Department along with the LCC Science, Math, Engineering and Technologies Department hosted the Third Annual Awards Ceremony recently.

    The theme of the evening was “Celebrating Student Success.”

    Several students were recognized for their academic achievement and perfect attendance. Faculty and staff from both departments were also recognized for their dedication and commitment to student success.

  • NMHU students join Oaxaca program

    Eighteen New Mexico Highlands students and teachers from across northern New Mexico will participate in the university’s fourth Oaxaca Study Abroad Program this month.

  • Chavez named bilingual leader

    New Mexico Highlands employee Rodolfo Chavez, Ph.D., will become the next president of the New Mexico Association for Bilingual Education, or NMABE. He begins his tenure July 1.

    “We have a great opportunity to advocate and create the necessary national legislation to ensure that bilingual education will be at the forefront of the state and national agenda,” Chavez said. “It’s an exciting time.”

  • WLV yearbook recognized in Gallery of Excellence

    West Las Vegas High School yearbook staff was recently recognized for its 2008 yearbook into Walsworth Publishing Company’s Gallery of Excellence.