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  • Reforms on the line

    We admit to losing enthusiasm for President Obama’s signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act, even though it’s the first bit of substantive health care reform to be enacted in decades. The nation’s health care system needs an overhaul, but when the administration caved to pressure and dropped the public option in 2009, we felt a pang of discontent with everything that passed thereafter.

  • Editorial Cartoon - March 28, 2012
  • Work of Art - Caucasian and light-skinned

    The rage is palpable. Remember the casting call from an out-of-state agency that sought only “Caucasians or light-skinned Hispanics”? Anger has gone viral.

    To review: On Location Casting posted on its website a solicitation for “real families.” The website listed desirable qualities among the applicants, but the light-skinned requirement set people off.
    What were the talent scouts thinking?

  • Campos candidacy challenged

    Less than a week has elapsed since candidates filed their paperwork to get on the June 5 primary ballot and already the gloves have come off in the race for the District 8 Senate seat.

    Rep. Thomas Garcia, D-Ocaté, reached out to the Secretary of State’s Office on Wednesday to challenge the candidacy of his opponent, incumbent Pete Campos, D-Las Vegas.

  • Ozomatli Mania
  • Highlands officers upset with chief

    A dispute between several members of the New Mexico Highlands University police and security department and its chief have escalated, and officers are now threatening to hold a vote of no-confidence on their leader and to form a union.

    The dispute has been brewing since at least January, when several officers were given written reprimands for failure to follow departmental policy and for insubordination. Officers contend that what they are being asked to accomplish is impossible and that it places the safety of the campus community at risk.

  • Local Masons win national award

    The Las Vegas-based Chapman Lodge has been awarded a national Mark Twain Award by the Masonic Information Center for its community outreach activities.

    Of the roughly 10,000 lodges across North America, only 18 received Mark Twain Awards for their work in 2011.

    Robert Ramsdell, of Belen, who was lodge master last year, called the award a big deal for the area.

  • Lawsuit asks for new PRC districts

    The 10th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has appointed a three-judge panel to hear a lawsuit filed against the secretary of state and governor over redistricting of the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission.

    Court of Appeals Judge Harris L. Hartz, U.S. District Judge William P. Johnson and U.S. District Judge James A. Parker were appointed on Friday.

    Also on Friday, Summons were issued to Secretary of State Dianna J. Duran and to Gov. Susana Martinez.

  • Pope brings message of hope at giant Mass

    By Michael Weissenstein
    and Nicole Winfield

    The Associated Press

    SILAO, Mexico — Pope Benedict XVI addressed hundreds of thousands of Mexicans seeking a message of hope for their violence-plagued country at an open-air Mass on Sunday, saying renewing their hearts and faith would help them in troubled times.

  • Looking Back - March 26, 2012

    In 1912

    Sunday, March 17 — The stork made 36 visits in six months. The busy bird brought 21 boys and 15 girls. Casual consideration of the mortality statistics for East Las Vegas for the six months ending March 10 would lead one to believe the health conditions in this city are appalling. During that period there were 21 deaths and 36 births, giving the grim reaper an advantage. However, of the number of deaths recorded, 19 were persons not established as residents of the city.