Today's News

  • LETTER: For Robert Romero on Mora’s board

    School Board elections are just around the corner and I would encourage the people of Mora County to keep Robert Romero on the board. Being on a school board is serious business. It is by no means a popularity contest.

    I feel his decisions have been led by his convictions, and our convictions are the only thing we can offer. Robert is a veteran, and anyone who has been a in the military knows that being organized and assertive is of importance. His dad and granddad Pat were also veterans, as was I.

  • EDITORIAL: Taking on illiteracy

    Consider for a moment the practical ramifications to being illiterate. Not only do you miss out on the pleasures of reading a good book, you can’t follow simple written instructions.

    You can’t read the directions on the pill bottle, so you can safely and effectively take your medicine. You can’t cook by following a written recipe.

    You can’t make sense of a road map, or follow the highways signs to your destination.

    You can’t order off the menu, read your receipt or make a bank deposit without assistance.

  • Another killed in train wreck

    A man identified Friday as Michael Esquibel, 35, of Las Vegas was killed Thursday afternoon when his pickup truck  collided with an Amtrak train on Rio Arriba Road north of town.

    State Police Captain Toby Dolan said that despite efforts, EMS was unable to save the victim, assumed dead at the scene. The pickup, a black Ford F150, was hauling a flatbed trailer loaded with rubbish and is believed to have been headed to the city’s Solid Waste Transfer Station when the accident occurred.

  • Pendaries seeking to sell more of its lots

    The Pendaries Village homeowners association wants to sell more properties, but its representative said they need to combine existing lots to make that happen.

    This week, the association approached the San Miguel County Commission to change part of its original subdivision plats so as to combine a number of lots.

    Homeowners at Pendaries, which is north of Las Vegas in Rociada, say that more homeowners would reduce the per-resident costs of maintaining the village’s private roads, said Danelle Smith, the association’s attorney.

  • LETTER: Mil Gracias

    Recently, the state of New Mexico’s Children, Youth and Families Department, Protective Services held its annual Foster Children’s Christmas Party. We would like to express our appreciation to all the business and individuals who made monetary gift or other type of donation to ensure that our foster children were given the opportunity to enjoy the Christmas holiday.

    It is with your generosity that once again our Christmas party was a great success.

    A. Audra Salas

    County Office Manager and Staff

  • LETTER: Appreciation for being able to serve

    I would like to thank the people of Watrous for allowing me to serve their community MDWCA the past three years. I met the challenge; worked hard and prevailed. We have established a bookkeeping system that provides accurate recording of and full accountability on all management duties for our village water system.

  • San Miguel County likely to owe state money

    The San Miguel County treasurer’s office may have to pay back the state money it collected in penalties and interest from delinquent taxpayers that was supposed to have gone to the state in the first place.

  • EDITORIAL: Thumbs

    HELP FROM A VETERAN MANAGER. County Manager Les Montoya has offered to help the city get through its current period of instability. That’s good news, especially since the city is without a manager and three department heads.

    Montoya was city manager throughout much of the 1990s and has served as county manager for the last decade, building a great track record. Any assistance he can provide the city government will benefit the community as a whole.

  • Woman turns trash to cash

    Corilia Ortega learned about conservation from her parents at an early age growing up in northern New Mexico and is now on a mission to bring that awareness to her peers and help others in a distant land at the same time.

    Ortega has traveled to Nicaragua the last couple of years with a group from Highlands University for a Spanish language immersion program at Casa Xalteva, a school for international students that doubles as an orphanage.

  • LETTER: Mil Gracias

    Thank you for sharing the partnership information about the West Las Vegas High School Website Design Class, NMDOH, Mora and Guadalupe County Health Councils with Mr. Don Pace.

    The article Mr. Pace wrote gave the community a clear picture of the students’ ability and willingness to provide services to the two health councils by creating their websites. Your efforts in expressing your interest in this partnership were greatly appreciated.