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  • Leave no dentist behind

    A high school play, “The Perfect Idiot,” deals with an extremely bright senior who misses all 100 items on a true-false test.

    How’d he manage that? Statistical probability dictates that anyone who simply checks off every answer as “true” or every one as “false” is bound to score around 50 percent. In order to earn a perfect zero (or perfect hundred), the student obviously needs to know all the answers.

    But does anybody have all the answers? Or, perhaps more appropriately, “Does anyone even know the questions?”

  • Auditor suggests review of fee

    The city of Las Vegas is moving forward to carry out the suggestions of state Auditor Hector Balderas in the wake of the audit earlier this year critical of the city’s natural gas billing, officials say.

  • It's

    Just a few more days and the world as we know it is about to change. Just a few more days and some high school seniors will never again look at themselves in the same manner. Just a few more days and the class of 2009 will start its final journey of high school life.

    Can you believe it? At long last you can finally be called the kings and queens of your high school. Just wait; May will be here before you know it. Graduation is only nine and a half months away. Time to start filling out those college application papers and start looking into which college you want to attend.

  • Shifting the paradigm

    When a self-described lifelong oilman, and a longtime Bush supporter to boot, steps up to lead the way in alternative energy production, you know the paradigm has shifted. The cynics, however, would point out that the reason is that there’s money to be made in wind and solar power. To which we would add, that’s a good thing.

  • Council delays housing picks

    The City Council approved Mayor Tony Marquez’s appointments for a number of city committees on Wednesday, but it delayed action on his selections for the housing committee.

    For the housing committee, the mayor recommended the appointments of Lorenzo Flores as chairman, former Councilman Macario Gonzalez, Pamela Daves, JoAnn Elliott and Grover Durham.

  • Residents sign up for fair

    The 35th annual San Miguel-Mora County Fair is under way with 4-H and FFA entrants bringing their goods to the indoor and horticulture barn. The first full day of competition is today and continues through Saturday.

    Robertson High School sophomore Joanne Schafer is an all-around cowgirl and has been involved rodeo and raising farm animals for most of her young life.

  • Kids learn play in a week

    The Missoula Children’s Theatre group breezed through town last week to teach kids the finer points of acting, culminating in a performance of “Robin Hood.”

    Husband and wife team Emily and Evan Karewicz are one of 45 touring teams that travel the world giving kids a crash course in acting and getting the chance to be a part of an original musical production.

    “It’s fun to inspire kids with what we wanted to do when we were their age,” Emily Karewicz said.

  • Agents cite two bars

    The state cited two Las Vegas bars and three of their servers for violations of state liquor control laws last month.

    During the weekend of the Rough Rider Motorcycle Rally, the state Department of Public Safety sent six agents to Las Vegas and Mora to determine whether bars were complying with state laws. Their operation was conducted on the nights of July 25 and 26

  • Momentum with Obama

    In politics, you should never admit that you’re jealous of the other side. Recently, however, Americans have seen much envy in the GOP.

    Republicans obviously know that Democrat Barack Obama had a picture-perfect trip to the Middle East and Europe, showing that he can do just fine on the world stage. As such, they are accusing the presidential candidate of acting as if he were already the president. This ignores the fact that their own candidate, John McCain, goaded Obama into taking the trip.

  • Vegas schools get assessments

    All but one of West Las Vegas’ elementary schools has made the federal standard of adequate yearly progress.

    At the Las Vegas City Schools, only Robertson High School met the standard, according to a state report.

    West Las Vegas Superintendent Jim Abreu said his district has made some great strides with adequate yearly progress, or AYP.

    That standard tracks how students test in reading and math and other indicators schools must reach in order to be 100 percent proficient by 2014 — as is required under the federal No Child Left Behind Act.