Today's News

  • Kryptos tie Reds, fall to Rockhounds

    as Vegas’ Kryptonite battled to a 7-7 tie with the Espaola Reds and lost 13-6 to a Santa Fe Rockhounds squad loaded with St. Michael’s players over the weekend at Santa Fe’s Fort Marcy Park.

    The Kryptonite is an AABC traveling team in the 14-and-younger division. The Reds and Rockhounds include 15- and 16-year-olds, noted coach Shannon Aragon.

    Results from a game against the Reds’ 14-and-younger team were not available as of press time.

  • IN THE ROUGH: Year-end awards time

    Okay, admit it. You’ve missed “In The Rough” and the tremendously thought-provoking insights herein.

    No? Oh. Anyway, I’m like the kid who rarely goes to class and then shows up for the field trips and the field days and talent shows and yearbook signing at the end of the year. Free pizza, after all.

    That’s what these year-in-review specials remind me of. It’s a blast looking back at everything, reliving all the fun without actually having to sit through the work again.

  • Official: Event optional

    The top administrator of the East school district says Robertson High School’s baccalaureate shouldn’t be mandatory. The same goes for all other senior week activities, he said.

    Las Vegas City Schools Superintendent Pete Campos made the statements in a memo to his successor, Richard Romero, who will take office in July.

  • Franken selected to build dorms

    Highlands University has selected a contractor to build a new dorm complex.

    A local company, Franken Construction, submitted the low bid and was awarded the contract, officials said. The Board of Regents voted for the selection.

    President Jim Fries said the university sought bids for construction of the 276-bed residence hall and received three bids.

    “Franken Construction was the low bidder. We reviewed and affirmed that their bid met all of the bid specifications and the board has approved awarding them the contract,” Fries said.

  • Voters head to polls Tuesday

    Voters will head to the polls for the Democratic and Republican primaries from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday.

    As usual, the Democratic side is attracting the most attention in northern New Mexico. Perhaps the highest-profile race is for the 3rd Congressional race, with six candidates in competition. Ben Ray Lujn and Don Wiviott are the front runners, with Harry Montoya, Benny Shendo, Rudy Martin and Jon Adams following.

  • Local attorney dies in accident

    Las Vegas attorney Jack Kirkpatrick died in a car crash Friday morning on Interstate 25 near Tecolote.

    The attorney lost control of his van, went back and forth across the southbound lanes and then wrecked his car, state police Lt. Craig Martin said.

    He was killed instantly, while a passenger was flown to an Albuquerque hospital, Martin said. “They told me she (passenger) had severe injuries,” he said.

  • West student leads cap collection

    Think it’s too hot when the temperature reaches 90 degrees around here? Try 120 degrees in the desert.

    West Las Vegas Middle School student Greg Medina has given much thought to the conditions that U.S. soldiers endure in Iraq. And he’s doing what he can to help.

    A few months ago, Medina was looking at the Soldiers’ Angels Web site, looking for ways to help servicemen and women. He found out that soldiers often need caps.

  • Two accused of having large amounts of crack cocaine

    Authorities arrested two people who had a large amount of crack cocaine last week, officials said.

    Last Tuesday, agents from the Region 4 Narcotics Task Force executed a high-risk search warrant at 302 Grand Ave. Agents found the crack and discovered that the suspects were armed with handguns.

    The suspects were identified as Jose Dimas and Carlos Vigil, who were charged with trafficking drugs, officials said.

    Task force Commander Sgt. Mack Allingham said the agency received intelligence that the suspects were alleged gang members.

  • 122 graduate from childhood center

    Family and friends of Early Childhood Center kindergartners filled Ilfeld Auditorium during morning and afternoon graduation ceremonies Wednesday.

    This is the second year Highlands University has opened its doors to the tots to accommodate the large number of graduates — 122 — and audience members.

    Previously, ECC held at least four separate programs.

    In a letter to parents and graduates, Principal LeeEtte Quintana said the school had made great gains this year in reading with 92 percent of students performing at grade level.

  • What does graduation mean?

    There are so many thoughts and questions about the future during graduation. It really begins the day that senior week starts For some, it begins on Sunday, for the senior mass, and for others it begins on Monday at the “mandatory” baccalaureate.

    We pull our gowns over our heads for the first time and laugh at how funny they look. Going back to baccalaureate, why even have it? All week everyone was asking, “What is baccalaureate”? The only response that came up was “some inspirational talk.” Why are any of these rituals necessary?