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  • Baby girl is attacked by dog

    A 20-month-old baby was attacked by a dog earlier this week, sending the girl to a hospital for surgery.

    It was an incident that left police officers “shook up,” an official said.

    Around 9 a.m. Monday, Amaya Melendez was attacked by what state police described as a pit bull in a house near Harris Pond north of Las Vegas, officials said.

    She was bitten numerous times and was taken to the hospital for surgery to remedy serious wounds, officials said.

  • Just a thought

    ‘Success is peace of mind that is the direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” This is John Wooden’s definition of “success.”

    On a vacation trip I had the opportunity to read Wooden’s entire book, Wooden, A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections on and off the Court in one day.

  • Full text of mayor's speech

    Note: This is the full prepared text of Mayor Tony Marquez's State of the City address. Marquez ad-libbed during his speech, so quotes in the Optic story may not be included in this speech text.




    (Recognize attendees) thanks.

    On March 4th, the people of Las Vegas voted for change. It presented a great opportunity to provide a turning point – for the way city government is to operate. I’d like to thank youee for allowing me to lead this effort.

  • Three suspected in burglary

    State police have arrested three people in connection with a burglary in the Mineral Hill area.

    During the late afternoon of Aug. 7, state police officers officers met with the owner of the home that had been burglarized, according to a state police press release.

    The victim said someone had kicked in the back door of the residence. He reported that a Gateway computer, a .22-caliber handgun and alcohol had been stolen from the residence.

  • Summer break nearing an end

    Mario Urioste was enjoying his last days of summer vacation tossing the football around at Lincoln Park with his dad, Chris, while his mom, Christina, watched from under a shady tree.

    Urioste has enjoyed his summer traveling to see family in Albuquerque and going camping.

    He will be an eighth-grader grader at Memorial Middle School and is looking forward to getting back to school.

    Urioste said he has been practicing with the high school football team and is looking forward to playing this fall.

  • County reverses decision on hiring

    A man who pleaded no contest a few months ago to accepting a bribe was about ready to begin work in the San Miguel County assessor’s office.

    However, at the last minute, the county decided against going through with the hiring of Lucas Marquez, 31.

    He is a former Mora County sheriff’s deputy who was accused of telling a woman she could either perform a sex act or go to jail while he was at her home for a disturbance call.

  • Official puts Safe Ride on hold

    A program to provide free rides home from bars has been discontinued, but a top San Miguel County official held out the possibility that the service may return.

    County Manager Les Montoya said this week that he has put a stop to the Safe Ride program because of general County Commission concerns with the service.

    He made the decision last week, which took effect immediately. The program had been providing rides from Thursday to Saturday nights.

  • Ex-official tours areas of high school

    A suspect in the case involving alleged wrongdoing in West Las Vegas’ bilingual program looked around the high school this week as part of her attorney’s investigation before next week’s trial.

    Roberta Vigil, the district’s former bilingual director, and her attorney, Sam Bregman, were allowed into the high school on Tuesday to look at the former bilingual office, which now serves as the school nurse’s quarters.

  • RHS student goes to Singapore

    Robertson High School student Alicia Leger left for Singapore and will spend her senior and college freshman years halfway around the world.

    That happened after she was nominated as a Davis Scholar to attend United World College in Singapore. United World Colleges are located around the world, including at Montezuma.

    The U.S. selection committee for the UWC considered nearly 400 applications, interviewed about one quarter of them and nominated only 50 students from across the nation.

  • County asked to send rep to help draft wolf policy

    The San Miguel County Commission made its point clear a couple of months ago: No wolves are allowed in this county.

    County officials, of course, are well aware that wolves don’t read local ordinances. They merely wanted to send the message to the federal government that they didn’t want any program to reintroduce the Mexican wolf or any other wolf to the county. That’s because cattlemen fear that the wolves would prey on their livestock.