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  • Obama cutout with noose seen on Fourth Street

    Someone at 909 Fourth St. doesn’t much like Barack Obama.

    In the porch Wednesday was a crude cardboard cutout of the Democratic presidential candidate, hanging by what appears to be a noose. The cutout was labeled with Obama’s name; attached to a hand was a pro-Obama brochure.

    The noose could have been a reference to the lynching of blacks in earlier American history. Obama is black.

    Two men were sitting on the steps. Asked by a couple of reporters whether it was a noose, one of the men replied, “What do you think?”

  • Obama gets youth vote

    Even before Michelle Obama campaigned for her husband in Las Vegas on Tuesday, a mock election among elementary and middle school students racked up a big win for the Democratic candidate.

    Gloria Ortega-Romero, who is organizing the elections, said every presidential election she, along with the secretary of state’s office, are involved in includes educating kids on the election process in the United States. County Clerk Paul Maez delivers the voting machines to the schools.

  • MMS runners represent at Duke City Marathon

    For Michael Salas of Memorial Middle School, seeing his team cross the finish line in the recent Duke City Marathon was only part of the thrill.

    “We were the youngest team there,” he said. “It was fun. When I was running, other people would speed up, and then I would speed up with them. They’d tell me, ‘God, kid! Slow down!’”

  • Authorities say thousands attend

    On Saturday, Republican presidential candidate John McCain attracted an estimated 1,500 people to his rally in Albuquerque.

    It looks as if Michelle Obama did better in heavily Democratic Las Vegas, a much smaller community.

    Authorities estimate that 2,500 attended Obama’s rally in Plaza Park on Tuesday afternoon, with the sun shining and the temperatures in the 60s. Some put the number as high as 3,200.

  • BREAKING NEWS: 6 charged with assaults

    Authorities today charged six former Robertson High School football players in connection with alleged assaults during a team camp in August.

    The three 17-year-olds and three 16-year-olds are no longer allowed to attend Robertson. Five of them are on one-year suspensions, while the other is expelled.

    They are accused of sodomizing at least six underclassmen with broomsticks.

  • Michelle Obama pumps up Dems

    Las Vegan Carla O’Neil attended the political rally on Tuesday starring Michelle Obama, wife of the Democratic presidential candidate.

    But O’Neil didn’t see Obama as some distant celebrity. She said Obama connected with the crowd in a way that it seemed as if one were sitting across from the would-be first lady at a kitchen table.

    O’Neil was one of thousands cheering as they greeted Obama as she walked to the podium at Plaza Park, waving and smiling to the crowd under a warm October sun.

  • East reports fewer students

    Enrollment is down in the Las Vegas City Schools, a top official reported last week.

    Last year, the district had 2,090 students, which has dropped to 2,003 this year, Superintendent Rick Romero told the school board.

    Romero reported that the district is down 87 students as compared to this day last year.

  • City: No basis for suit by ex-worker

    The city is urging a state district judge to throw out a lawsuit by a former employee who alleges breach of contract and wrongful retaliatory discharge.

    In a pleading last week, the city’s attorney, Tony Ortiz, asks that the court dismiss the lawsuit because Pearl Maes, a former secretary in the city manager’s office, doesn’t make the case that the city “constructively” discharged her.

    Maes, who worked for the city from 2000 to 2006, filed a lawsuit in June naming the city of Las Vegas as a defendant.

  • Mora volleyball completes 6-0 district slate

    MORA — The Mora Rangerettes finished the regular season with a perfect 6-0 record in District 4-2A.

    Leslie Vigil’s squad defeated Pecos on Oct. 22, 25-18, 25-11, 25-8. Then on Saturday, Mora visited Monte del Sol at Santa Fe’s Genoveva Chavez Community Center and beat the Dragons 25-8, 25-10, 25-6.

  • RHS senior joins school board

    Brandyn Jordan was sworn in last week as the new student representative on the Las Vegas City Schools board by Magistrate Judge Philip Romero.

    Board President Patrick Romero said Jordan would have his work cut out for him because he would represent students from the entire district, not just Robertson High School.