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  • Viva la print revolucion

    A massive football player, his uniform black, heavy, robotic, runs through a modern city, a flutter of torn books beneath spiked shoes.

    He carries a graduation cap in one hand, stolen from the head of a statued scholar, the other hand extended in an evil claw toward a group of diminutive young children sitting at simple desk — a hawk ready to pluck his prey. The city ignores the indignity; it crowds the horizon with shiny righteousness, a new stadium earning center stage, separating education from progress.

  • City employees get pay increases

    Many city employees will see raises under a union contract approved Wednesday —a deal that both labor and management hailed as a step forward.

    The City Council voted for an agreement between the city and Local 2851 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. Union officials say the contract means a $1.25-an-hour increase for 86 employees covered by the union.

    This agreement comes just weeks after the city approved a contract with the Las Vegas Police Officers Association, which also included salary hikes.

  • Owner says he acted in self-defense

    Michael Romero, the owner of a local auto shop, is facing a second case in which prosecutors allege that he has beaten up someone who owes him money.

    However, Romero contends that in both cases, he was acting in self-defense against troublemakers.

    Romero, 32, owner of Michael’s Precision Automotive, 514 Commerce St., was charged last week with aggravated battery and unlawful taking of a motor vehicle in connection with an incident that allegedly occurred last fall.

  • Suspect veers toward officers

    A suspected drunken driver swerved off the road toward unlikely targets — two state police cars with officers standing next to them.

    The two officers were at 205 Chico Drive when Patrick Trujillo, 24, 820 N. Grand Ave., was speeding on the wrong side of the street shortly after 7 p.m. Monday, nearly wrecking when he rounded a curve, according to a state police report. The car drifted onto the grass shoulder, approaching the squad cars. One of the officers told Trujillo to stop, but he drove away.

  • Talking about literacy

    Yunus Peer remembers the sting of apartheid in the early ‘70s when he was 13 years old and ranked the No. 2 tennis player among non-whites in South Africa. An Indian, he wanted to compete against all talented players his age, to swing the racket to the best of his ability across the court from any worthy opponent.

  • Harpsichord and Native American flute concert at UWC

    Before I could afford a car, I walked as fast as I could those mornings I was late for work. I jumped over the cracks in Carnegie Park’s sidewalk, letting my eye catch the echo of sun against lone blue spruce.

    Before I owned a cell phone, my afternoons resonated with natural silence, with only the crack of frog and cricket against ear. Before I bought a computer, my hands knew how to hold a pen, how to round my letters with legible panache. Today, my body forgets the simple, the sane.

  • Bullies beware

    Los Nios Elementary School students are taking a stand against bullying.

    They listened to an anti-bullying lecture by principal Floyd Chavez followed by kids circling the school holding hands to show they are united against bullying.

    Administrators, teachers and staff in the Las Vegas City Schools district say they are more aware than ever of the pervasive nature of bullying after a violent case of hazing that allegedly took place at a football camp recently.

  • Assistant coach loses his cool, then his job, police say

    Anthony Labella reportedly admits to losing his cool — and he’s suffering the consequences.

    The assistant football coach for Taos High School was arrested in connection with allegedly attacking a student after Taos lost to West Las Vegas 36-12 at Highlands University’s stadium on Friday. He apparently lost his job right away.

    While the team and coaches returned home in their bus, Labella, 43, was taken to jail. He faces charges of abuse of a child and aggravated battery.

  • Utility board member stays on

    The customers of a utility serving northeastern New Mexico enacted a bylaw this summer requiring members of its board of trustees and the utility’s attorney to resign when they run for and hold partisan elected offices.

    Now, some are saying that the Mora-San Miguel Electric Cooperative is violating the new bylaw, which a big majority of members passed during the utility’s annual meeting in June.

  • Three RHS students ousted

    Three of six Robertson High School football players are suspended for the rest of the school year in connection with alleged hazing at a team camp.

    June Romero, a hearing officer hired by the district, handed down the decisions after hearings that lasted all day and into the evening Tuesday.

    The hearings for two other students have been delayed, but no dates have been set. Romero is going to take some time to consider the remaining student’s case.