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  • Court planning amnesty week

    Las Vegas Municipal Court is designating the first week of September as Amnesty Week.

    As such, people with outstanding municipal warrants can go to the court and make arrangements for fulfilling obligations such as paying fines.

    If they don’t, the court promises a number of warrant stings after September during the early morning hours and the holidays, Municipal Judge Eddie Trujillo said this week.

  • A good approach

    The Las Vegas City Council deserves credit for hiring a third-party collection agency to help collect on past-due utility accounts. The firm will target 976 accounts, amounting to $256,000.

    This decision was at the prompting of Utilities Director George DuFour, who has been creative in his approach to his job since being hired late last year.

    If this collection effort works, as officials have pointed out, then the next goal should be to focus on unpaid fines in Municipal Court.

  • Residents outraged with hazing

    One woman told a radio audience that she would be out for blood if someone violently hazed her loved one.

    On Tuesday afternoon, Las Vegas residents expressed their outrage on a radio show over an alleged violent hazing incident at a Robertson football camp. At least one player is alleging that he was sodomized with a broomstick.

    One caller to a KNMX talk show said she is a grandmother who was in tears and called the incident shocking.

  • City launches new budget billing plan

    The city of Las Vegas is introducing a new budget billing plan.

    The plan is an adjustment for winter rates that allows a customer to lower their winter payments by dispersing them throughout the year, officials said.

    Utilities Director George DuFour came up with the plan to help utility customers during the winter. Customers just need to contact the utilities department to sign up.

  • Highlands hires rodeo coach, head trainer

    From the Las Vegas Optic

    New Mexico Highlands University recently announced the hirings of a rodeo coach and a head athletic trainer, and both have already begun work as the fall season quickly approaches.

    Jon Peek is the new rodeo mentor, succeeding Danny Garcia. And Yolanda Diaz has taken over head training duties after longtime staffer Liz Sedillo’s departure for a similar post in Alamogordo.

    A Pueblo, Colo., native, Peek is a rodeo cowboy and member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, according to an NMHU news release.

  • Let's hope board is right

    An elected body should think long and hard before it rejects the advice of its hired professionals. Ignoring that advice is exactly what the Mora school board did recently.

    Mora Superintendent Dora Romero said she had proposed that the district hire a third-party engineer for a planned multipurpose sports complex “in order to gain perspective as to what actually needs to be done in our situation.”

  • A four-day work week?

    SANTA FE — Expect to see some minor impacts on your life as New Mexico state government implements energy-saving measures. The biggest change will come when some agencies adopt a four-day work week.

    Earlier this summer, Gov. Bill Richardson directed the state personnel office to help alleviate the strain of high gas prices on state employees and taxpayers. How can the state personnel office lower your gas prices? We’ll get to that.

  • NMHU soccer, volleyball teams picked seventh in divisions

    Who knows? Maybe seven will be a lucky number for New Mexico Highlands University’s athletic teams this year.

    Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference coaches’ polls for women’s soccer and volleyball were released this week, and both have NMHU pegged to finish seventh in their divisions.

    That matches the seventh-place finish predicted for Cowboy football in a July coaches’ poll.

    Women’s soccer

  • Ex-official accused of fraud

    SANTA FE — Prosecutors tried to make the case Tuesday that West Las Vegas’ former bilingual director helped her assistant cheat on an online test to get an educational license.

    It was the opening day of a four-day trial for former Director Roberta Vigil and her assistant, Beverly Ortega. Vigil has been charged with fraud, while both women face a count of conspiracy to commit fraud in connection with the cheating.

  • La Pasada told to issue order

    The state Environment Department’s Drinking Water Bureau advised the La Pasada Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association in San Miguel County to issue a “boil water order” for its water system.

    The state issued the advisory on Monday after bacteriological contamination that exceeded the maximum contaminant level for E. coli was discovered in drinking water. The state requires the La Pasada MDWCA, a water system about 35 miles southeast of Santa Fe, to notify its consumers of the finding.