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  • Two arrested in audit case

    By Barry Massey
    The Associated Press

    SANTA FE — The current chief operating officer and a former controller at the New Mexico Finance Authority were arrested Wednesday for state securities violations related to a fake financial audit that was distributed to investors earlier this year.

    New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department’s Securities Division announced the arrests Wednesday of Chief Operating Officer John Duff and former controller Greg Campbell, who left the agency in June.

  • Corn that is rich and creamy

    By Sara Moulton
    For The Associated Press

    There are few foods as simple, delicious and complete as fresh seasonal corn on the cob. When it’s really fresh, I’ll even eat it raw. No boiling, no butter, no salt. It’s perfectly sweet and tender right off the stalk.

  • Sweet and heat: The savory side of fruit salad

    The Associated Press

    Great taste often comes down to contrast.

    It’s why we pair tender and crunchy textures, sweet and sour flavors, and hot and cold temperatures (think hot fudge sauce over vanilla ice cream). In a way, these contrasts amplify the flavors of the dish, making the food much more than a simple sum of the parts.

    And it’s a technique well suited to healthy eating. Because by playing with contrasts, you are able to coax so much more from otherwise simple ingredients.

  • Newlyweds
  • In Brief - New Mexico News - August 10, 2012

    The Associated Press
    Chief arrested on assault charges
    VELARDE — The fire chief of a small northern New Mexico community has been arrested after authorities say he pointed a gun at a crowd.
    Rio Arriba County sheriff’s spokesman Jake Arnold says Darwin Yazzie faces five counts of aggravated assault.
    Arnold says Yazzie aimed the gun at about 30 people Monday during a meeting of volunteer firefighters in Velarde. No shots were fired, and no injuries were reported.
    Yazzie then left the fire station.

  • Martinez: UVA program to help schools

    By Russell Contreras
    The Associated Press

    ALBUQUERQUE — Struggling schools that received a D or F grade under the state’s new grading system will have a chance to participate in a University of Virginia-based program known for dramatically improving math and reading scores, Gov. Susana Martinez announced Tuesday.

  • Music from Angel Fire visiting area schools

    Submitted to the Optic

  • BREAKING: Twenty-five charged in large drug bust

  • BREAKING: Major drug bust executed in San Miguel County

    Federal law enforcement authorities swooped in on helicopters and black SUVs at daybreak today and with the help of local police began rounding up suspects in one of the largest drug raids to be executed in San Miguel County in more than a decade.

    Those arrested on federal warrants were first taken to the National Guard Armory. They were then transported to the Las Vegas Airport and flown to Albuquerque where they will likely face a federal judge.

  • Coed fends off attacker

    A New Mexico Highlands University student didn’t hesitate to act when a man attacked her on the Gallinas Riverwalk near New Mexico Highlands University on Thursday evening.

    The woman managed to fend off her attacker by punching him in the face, spraying him with pepper spray and then running to her car, Las Vegas Police Chief Christian Montaño said.

    But the attacker has yet to be caught, and Montaño is urging the public to be careful and to take precautions.