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  • 'Deadbeats' in 'Nowheresville'

    They call themselves “deadbeats” and their convention theme is “from here to eternity.” It could only be the International Association of Obituarists, meeting in Las Vegas, N.M. for their 10th annual Great Obituary Writers’ International Conference.

    You might be tempted to stereotype obituary writers. It is easy, given their chosen careers, to imagine them as a somber, even funereal bunch, but nothing could be further from the truth.

  • '100th film' hits snag in Las Vegas

    Gov. Bill Richardson’ office boosted on last week that the movie “Run For Her Life” will be the 100th major film production shot in New Mexico during Richardson’s time in office.

    What his office may not be aware of, however, is that the production hit a snag recently in its plans to shoot some scenes in Las Vegas.

  • Undercounts impact funding

    SANTA FE — The 2010 U.S. Census badly undercounted New Mexico’s population, according to a recent study released by New Mexico Voices for Children.

    An undercount of almost 36,000 individuals shortchanged New Mexico by $110 million in funds for eight federal programs. Of those individuals, over 30 percent were children.

    The study, conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, a professional consulting firm, noted that the undercount for Hispanics and Native Americans was higher than for the overall population.

  • Fiestas need financial help

    With Fiestas de Las Vegas fast approaching, it’s worth mentioning that this will be the 120th year. But even with such notable longevity, it’s getting more and more difficult for the Las Vegas Fiesta Council to make ends meet. The community needs to step up more to support this invaluable cultural event.

  • District offers two-year contract

    New Las Vegas City Schools Superintendent Richard Romero will get $105,000, but board president Patrick Romero says he will earn it.

    “I don’t envy the incoming superintendent because he’s going to have his job cut out for him,” Romero said.

    Plans are for Richard Romero to begin work July 1, with the contract running through June 30, 2010.

  • McCain has a chance

    It could hardly get worse for Republicans. With President Bush in the White House, his party will suffer as the result of an unpopular war in Iraq and a declining economy at home.

    Still, Sen. John McCain of Arizona could prevail as the GOP’s standard bearer this year. He’s a maverick that could win swing voters in battleground states such as New Mexico.

  • Richard Martinez a coach of the year

    He’s seen many of his wrestlers draped with state championship medals, and he’s watched with pride as his teams have hoisted multiple state championship banners, including the last three in a row.

    Now it’s Robertson head coach Richard Martinez’s turn for some glory.

    Martinez on Friday was recognized by the New Mexico High School Coaches Association as its Coach of the Year for wrestling in 2008. The award is conferred regardless of classification.

  • An independents' year

    SANTA FE Might this be a year when independents determine the outcome of some of our top federal races? It could happen.

    Whenever there are open federal seats, independent and third-party candidates come out of the woodwork. This year, in addition to having four congressional vacancies in New Mexico, there also is no incumbent president.

    At the presidential level , expect to see more than two candidates on your ballot next November. Along with the usual selection of anonymous lightweights will be a couple of candidates approaching the middleweight class.

  • Keep debate on the war

    Since World War II, most of our major party presidential candidates have served in the military. That changed when Bill Clinton won the presidency in 1992. He was able to avoid serving during the height of the Vietnam War by getting college deferments.

  • Scouts lead Flag Day ceremony

    Girl Scout Troop 288 acted as flag bearers during the annual Elks Lodge Flag Day ceremony at the Las Vegas recreation center Friday.

    Barbara Venturi, Exalted Ruler Elks Lodge 408, said members are very patriotic and have been observing the day since its inception.

    “The flag is first in our hearts as loyal Americans and close to our alter as loyal Elks. So many things we do revolve around our flag and our country. Charity, justice, brotherly love and fidelity are out guiding principals of our order,” Venturi said.