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  • Veterans of our wars

    Today is Veterans Day, when we honor those who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. To those who served honorably and, thankfully, returned home in good health, we wish to express our sincere gratitude for your service. But for those who sacrificed more than that, by serving and losing something in one of this nation’s many conflicts, we want to say a bit more.

  • Viles Foundation making a difference

    Talk about one individual or a single entity making a difference in a person’s life: The Viles Foundation Inc. (VFI) is that entity. It has certainly made a tremendous difference in the lives of 800-plus college bound students.

    Recently, the VFI celebrated its 50-year anniversary. Tribute was paid to this organization’s half century of service at a luncheon sponsored by the Viles Foundation Inc. Board of Directors, Bank of America-U.S. Trust and the New Mexico Highlands University.

  • Man gets two years for his 10th DWI

    A local man got the mandatory minimum sentence of two years in prison for his 10th DWI.

    On Monday, prosecutor Tom Clayton argued to give Joseph Rodarte, 50, the maximum of three years because he already had been given enough chances.

    Rodarte’s convictions have taken place over the last quarter century in the Las Vegas and Albuquerque areas, Clayton said.

    The prosecutor said Rodarte had “zero excuses” for his actions.

  • Six youths deny charges

    Prosecutors are seeking adult sanctions for the six former Robertson High School football players accused of assaulting others during a team camp in August.

    On Monday, the six made their first appearances in state District Court, with Judge Eugenio Mathis informing them of their charges and hearing their pleas. The six denied the state’s charges.

  • Officer crashes in Sapello

    A state police officer crashed his patrol unit Monday morning on the bridge in Sapello on N.M. Highway 518, state police Capt. Toby Dolan said.

    Sgt. Carlos Mendoza damaged his car and a guardrail when he lost control of his car as it slipped on black ice, Dolan said.

  • 16 named to West's all-state choir

    Every year, the list of West Las Vegas students selected to compete at the all-state level in choir grows bigger.

    In 2003, Karliz DeMarco was the only student to compete in the prestigious event; this year, 16 students were selected.

    “This is the most students ever to make all-state in school history,” music director David Arnell Arellanes said. “West Las Vegas has more men selected than any other school class A through AAAAA, and Christopher Yee has made history by being the first student in choir to make all-state four years in a row.”

  • State lawmakers give advice to City Council

    The city of Las Vegas should hire a lobbyist to help it get more money from the state government, a state lawmaker advised local officials last week.

    State Rep. Richard Vigil, D-Ribera, said the city should have its lobbyist all year long, not just during legislative sessions.

    He said a lobbyist could be especially helpful between annual sessions. That’s when interim committees meet and their members could really gain an understanding of the city’s needs, he said.

  • BREAKING NEWS: School officials may be charged

    A prosecutor is considering filing charges against school officials in connection with alleged assaults of players during a Robertson High School football camp in August.

    Santa Fe District Attorney Henry Valdez, who is handling the assault cases, said this morning that he may file charges within the next couple of weeks. He said his office is looking at the actions of school officials, including the coaches.

    He said they had a duty under state law to report child abuse if they knew about it.

  • Thumbs

    UP thumb  MONUMENTAL ELECTION. Barack Obama became the first African American to be elected President of the United States this week, bringing tears to the eyes of millions of Americans regardless of culture, place or color.

    It was a national moment of reconciliation. Blacks and whites and every other color in the American rainbow were liberated from our racially divided past and, finally, we got to see ourselves as one. All our racial divisions won’t disappear at this junction in history, but neither will we ever again be the same.

  • Obama's challenges

    Given the situation President-elect Barack Obama is being handed, one might wonder if, in winning, he lost. It will be a difficult task to overcome the military and economic challenges he faces, and he has only four years to demonstrate that he’s up to the task before the voters judge his work.