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  • Keeping It Simple: Just in case

    Several Optic readers have asked me when I am going to write another column for the paper.  My columns are usually about humorous or amusing events that may be common to the Optic readers.

    I appreciate the reader’s comments and support and also thank the Optic editor for making it possible. The following is based on my own observation of people who save things, which I am labeling the “Just In Case Savers.”

  • Businessman gets land for lower price

    Local businessman Ray Herrera had agreed to pay the city $22,800 for a lot in the industrial park earlier this year.

    But after a new appraisal, he will only have to pay $17,000. The council has approved the lot’s sale to Herrera.

    During a City Council meeting in February, then-Councilman Cruz Roybal objected that Herrera had to pay $22,800 for the land. Roybal said he had driven by the land in the Dee Bibb Industrial Park and determined that Herrera, who owns Ray’s Auto Sales, would have to do much work to make it useful.

  • Letter: Optic was the best in a long journey

    I wanted to write and tell you how much we enjoyed the Las Vegas Optic. I like to buy a local newspaper while traveling and look at the news and events of towns and cities we pass through.  My sister and I traveled 2,000 miles in four days; your newspaper was the most informative and most interestingly written of all the papers we perused on our trip.  

    Marsha Cassada

    Hobart, Okla.

  • ONLINE STORY: Delay in Gallegos sentencing

    SANTA FE — Final resolution in the Michael Gallegos case will have to wait a while longer.

    Gallegos, 19, had been scheduled for sentencing Friday morning in a Santa Fe district courtroom for his role in the August 2008 Robertson football hazing scandal. But a reported bout with kidney stones prevented Gallegos’ lead attorney, Billy Blackburn, from attending the hearing, and a postponement was ordered by Judge Mark Macaron.

    Both sides acknowledged that the delay was necessary, albeit an inconvenience to participants.

  • Editorial Thumbs

    Thumbs UP to ... A SMOOTH WEEKEND FOR ROUGH RIDERS. Aside from the rain, last weekend’s motorcycle rally went very smoothly, from its staffing to the schedule of events posted on the Internet. In fact, it was so smooth it begs the question — why couldn’t the fiestas have run that well?

  • Letter: Unneeded, unfair use of tax dollars

    Hey, is it just me, or do you see our hard-earned tax dollars being wasted? First, we choke Mother Earth with street pavement. Then, we build speed bumps (“speed humps” in Old Town). Why don’t we just leave dirt roads and streets? Dirt roads work very well in the country in slowing down drivers.

    Think of all the taxpayers’ money we’d save. Mother Earth wouldn’t have as many freak storms and hurricanes, etc., just to breath.

  • East warns more cuts on way

    Las Vegas City Schools officials say more state budget cuts will mean they’ll have to further trim local spending.

    Among the possibilities for reductions are closing a school and cutting travel for athletics, they said.

    Some officials also said they wished local state legislators would have attended a school board meeting this week about the budget cuts. They said they invited the lawmakers.

  • To the Point: Highlands is cheap but not inexpensive

    Highlands University has a reputation as a school that doesn’t cost much: The tuition is the lowest of any state university.  Coupled with the low tuition is a high proportion of students who receive significant financial aid. For many, the tuition is irrelevant. They’re not paying it anyway.

  • Youth soccer sign-up under way

    Young soccer players in the Meadow City area are being encouraged to sign up for the coming season of Las Vegas Youth Soccer League.

    Through Monday, the fee for each player is $40, but after that deadline, the cost rises to $60. (Families with multiple players entered receive a $5 discount for each additional player.)

    The league is open to anyone between 4 and 19 years old as of July 31.

    There are multiple ways to register:

    • Log on to www.lasvegasyouthsoccer.org;

  • LV 11-12 sluggers bedevil Espanola

    Team Vegas overcame multiple forms of adversity this week to advance in the state Little League tournament for 11-12 baseball.

    The short story: Las Vegas Little League’s 11-12 All-Stars defeated Española 5-4.

    The longer version:

    • LVLL barely fielded enough players to make a minimum team, with two having left to join the Las Vegas Avalanche 14-and-under squad in the Triple Crown World Series.