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  • Graduations set for this weekend

    Both Highlands University and Luna Community College will hold graduations Saturday.

    Luna’s commencement is set for 10 a.m. in a large tent on campus, while Highlands’ will be at 2 p.m. at Wilson Complex.

    The commencement speaker at Luna will be Ana Pacheco, a Santa Fe native and publisher of La Herencia Magazine.

  • THUMBS: Our high country lowdown on the news

    GRADUATING TO THE NEXT LEVEL. This weekend will be the Highlands University and Luna Community College graduations. Then, on May 22 and 23, East and West will hold commencements. Congratulations to all who will walk across the stage to receive their diplomas and degrees.

    It’s a time of transition for a lot of our young people — and their parents, who must let them go on to the next stage of life. The economic times may be tough, but there’s still a lot to look forward to, and our best wishes go out to all.

  • Officials: Drunks kept off streets

    Since last July, San Miguel County’s Safe Ride program has taken 784 people home from bars and parties.

    The program is paid for through a state fund coming from fees assessed to DWI offenders, so to most taxpayers, it’s free.

    The county started the program to provide rides home for intoxicated people, so they could stay off the road. The service is available Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

  • LETTER: Taking issue with ‘social solutions’

    In your article written by David Giuliani, Miguel Angel is quoted as stating; “It doesn’t matter how many laws you make. If you don’t have a social solution to a social problem, you are only marginalizing the people in question.”

    We don’t have solutions for people who are incarcerated in prison and we know for a fact that prisons do not reform people, so should we do away with prisons and let everyone go until we decide what works? One can theorize and philosophize all day, but at whose expense?

    Ray Martinez

  • Proposed wind rules called ‘one-sided’

    San Miguel County officials are proposing stricter rules for wind farms, but some say the county’s effort is “one-sided.”

    Last year, the county set up a task force to recommend changes for the county’s 6-year-old ordinance regulating wind farms. This was in response to a Chicago-based company’s interest in setting up wind turbines on the peak in Bernal, which has caused a controversy in that area.

  • LETTER: Served proudly, now struggling


     I grew up in Mora, my family is from Buena Vista. The men on both sides of my familia were honored, almost obligated, to join the military, like my Uncle Moises Solano, Ernesto and Louie Garcia, my tio David Ulibarri Sr.., to include my niece Ethni Valdez from Las Aguitas whom just got extended again after six years as a Marine. All of these U.S. soldiers placed our lives for our little parts of Heaven here in Northern New Mexico.

  • Vegas police seeking officers

    The Las Vegas Police Department is looking to fill three officer positions.

    The department starts out at $15 an hour for certified officers, which Police Chief Gary Gold said makes the local agency one of the highest-paying in northern New Mexico.

    The department will offer higher pay to officers with more experience, as is called for under a pay plan.

    Gold said the department is short manpower because a number of officers are taking leave for such things as injuries and the military.

  • Teacher, principal inspire music programs

    Will the third time be the charm for Gene Parson and Arnell David Arellanes?

    For a third year, the West Las Vegas principal and choir director have been nominated as Outstanding School Administrator and Music Educator of the Year, respectively.

    Each year, the New Mexico Music Educators Association recognizes an administrator who has demonstrated support for and commitment to high quality music education programs in their school.

  • Cosmetology students show off talents

    Remember Blondie”s hairstyle? How about the beehive that was popular for some reason or Betty Boop’s curls?

    They were all part of the “Blast from the Past” show highlighting graduating students in the School of Cosmetology at Luna Community College.

    Elvis was there too, a.k.a. Paul Hurtado, entertained the crowd during intermission with a repertoire of oldies.

    Luna President Pete Campos said the college is a place of learning, where students get hands-on training.

  • EDITORIAL: Cooperation important

    When it comes to fighting crime, the sum of law enforcement agencies is often greater than the parts. That’s especially true in rural areas such as Mora County.

    As such, it’s troubling to find out that the Mora County sheriff and the state police aren’t getting along. Indeed, their leaders aren’t even talking.

    In Mora County, all 911 calls go to the state police. That makes sense because the Mora County Sheriff’s Department doesn’t operate around the clock. There are only five deputies, including the sheriff, and no detectives.