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  • Mind over matters

    It’s not far-fetched to say that Robert “Bob” Johnston exhibits characteristics that fly in the face of some widely held generalizations about cognitive styles.

    By profession, he’s a retired petroleum engineer — the “technical/scientific” type. By avocation and personal vocation, he’s a poet, the “creative” type.


  • Pot user keeps his subsidy

    By David Giuliani
    Las Vegas resident Robert Jones will keep his housing subsidy after all.

    On Wednesday, the San Miguel County Commission voted unanimously to rescind an administrator’s previous decision to end the subsidy for Jones, a licensed medical marijuana user.

    Last month, Gilbert Almanza, the then-director of the county housing authority, sent Jones, 70, a letter informing him that he would lose his subsidy Nov. 30 because of his marijuana use.

  • Group seeks informed candidates

    A local group wants school board candidates in February’s election to prepare themselves for the issues at hand.

    Earlier this week, the Community Committee for Better Schools held a workshop for potential candidates. Two dozen people attended; some, including Las Vegas resident Patrick Alarid, acknowledged they were considering running for school board.

  • East denies request for jump drive

    The Las Vegas City Schools has denied the Las Vegas Optic’s request to examine materials that may have led to the suspension of Superintendent Rick Romero.

    Last week, the superintendent was placed on a seven-day suspension in connection with a violation of the district’s computer-use policy.

    On Tuesday, the Optic requested to look at a jump drive that allegedly contains materials that could have resulted in the superintendent’s suspension. A jump drive is a tiny data storage device.

  • Big hurdle: No. 1 Wildcats

    Robertson probably has a better football team than it did on Sept. 3.
    Just how much better will be determined on Saturday.

    The Cardinals are back in the Class 3A state semifinals and one game away from the state championship. But they’ll have the unenviable task of playing No. 1 Lovington on the road at 1:30 p.m. Saturday.

    Two local radio stations are expected to broadcast the game live.

  • Entry pass
  • Thankful thumbs


    HOLIDAY THANKS. We hope you didn’t forget to slow down yesterday and think about all the blessings in your life. And since today is Black Friday, when shoppers turn out in droves to spend, spend, spend, we hope our local merchants will have plenty to be thankful for, too. Bring on the holidays!

  • Dulcey Amargo: Tender mercis

    No, mercy, above, is not misspelled. Let me explain. I often “suffer” from language interference, and I love it. Having an extra language or two to rely on makes life more interesting.

    We often use the phrase, “It’s Greek to me,” but that’s not my complaint. It can be Greek, Latin or one of its kin, Spanish, French, or English. It’s all my cup of tea, to use a well-worn cliché.

  • Seniors distribute prayer shawls

    The Crochet Ole members of the Mora Senior Citizens Center  recently traveled to Vida Encantada in Las Vegas to visit the clients and staff.

    As they visited with the clients, they lovingly placed prayer shawls on their shoulders and gave them a hug and showed love and concern to the grateful folks. As they visited, they read the prayer attached to the shawls for each person.

  • Simple ways to keep healthy

    Sure enough, bring a bunch of my age group together and the talk gets around to healthcare. One of my farfetched theories is that one just feels better when one talks about it.

    Doc Gellenthien, my country doctor father, always had “the cure” for whatever came along, stashed away somewhere. Not all of these cures came out of a medicine bottle. In fact, many of them were a part of our everyday life. I assisted him a time or two when we had medical emergencies with our animals.