Today's News

  • Local bookstore moves to new, bigger location

    “It’s bigger, and people are appreciating the roominess” said Nancy Colalillo, owner of Tome on the Range.

    It’s no surprise. Tome on the Range relocated to much roomier digs last Friday, and the new space, at 158 Bridge Street, is not just bigger, it’s better.

    The first improvement is in used books. Tome on the Range specialized in new books, with its sister store, Second Tome Around, focusing on used books. But Second Tome Around closed last year.

  • Footsteps of the faithful

    Holy Week begins Sunday with an event chronicled in all four Gospels — Palm Sunday, a remembrance of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, when people lining the road pressed their best cloaks, pressed branches of small trees into the dry earth before him in a gesture of admiration and respect.

    Today, Catholics hold stark green blessed palm fronds, or boughs of native trees, during Palm Sunday Mass as they participate in the Lord’s Passion, a recital of Jesus’ last steps before death and resurrection.

  • At this age...

    A good friend of mine often says that anything is possible, but not everything is possible. This will probably never be as clear as it is at 17 and 18. Let me explain.

  • District outlines search for leader

    The Las Vegas City Schools board on Monday set the parameters for picking a new superintendent who would replace Pete Campos, who was hired to become Luna Community College’s next president.

    Board President Elaine Luna said it’s essential to start the process in a timely manner “because before we know it, the time will be here and we’ll have to make that transition.”

    She said Campos would be an active participant during the planning process.

  • Commissioners get own chambers

    The San Miguel County Commission has been meeting in the West Las Vegas school board meeting room for the last couple of years. For years before that, the commissioners met in other places.

    Now, they have a home.

    The commissioners held their first regular meeting inside their new chambers in the former courtroom at the old courthouse.

  • State funding for specialty crops

    New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA) announced today that funding will be available under the New Mexico Specialty Crops Program. Funds are available to New Mexico organizations and individuals that have a long-term commitment to improving the economic viability of New Mexico’s rural economy or have projects with a significant value-added potential.

  • Review of Taser rules urged

    The Las Vegas Police Department should consider changes to its policy regulating the use of high-voltage stun guns, an advisory panel member urged this week.

    However, the police chief contended the policy in place is a good one.

    Pat Leahan, co-chairwoman of the city’s public safety advisory committee, noted that Raton police officers fired their Tasers 23 times in a case in which a man died as the officers were trying to subdue him in January.

  • WIPP truck veers off road near Vegas

    A truck carrying defense radioactive waste headed to the Waste Isolate Pilot Plant near Carlsbad veered off the road near Las Vegas early Tuesday evening.

    The southbound truck carrying three loaded containers went off Interstate 25 near the Airport Road exit around 5 p.m. The truck was coming from Idaho.

    The truck stayed upright, and there was no damage. State police said no hazardous materials were released and that the driver claimed he had become ill and passed out. A radiation survey was conducted, and nothing was detected, officials said.

  • The Mobile Matanza

    The Taos County Economic Development Corporation, or TCEDC, has a mobile Matanza which slaughters beef, pigs and sheep for ranchers and can have them packaged for sale to consumers. The Matanza will travel as far south as Las Vegas, and can slaughter and hang up to 16 head of beef at a time.

  • Treasurer to run for another term

    Democratic San Miguel County Treasurer Alfonso Ortiz has announced that he will seek another term in that office.

    The deadline for filing is Tuesday.

    Ortiz has been in a number of elective offices, having served on the Las Vegas City Council 12 years, from 1970 to 1972, 1974 to 1978 and from 1994 to 2000. In addition, Ortiz is a former West Las Vegas school board member, also having served a term as its chairman; and he served a term as chairman of the San Miguel County Democratic Party.