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  • Cold weather blast hits hard

    A blast of winter weather that began Monday and continued into the week wreaked havoc over northern New Mexico in a number of ways.

    Schools closed, as did some businesses. Workers were able to remove most of the snow from the streets and roadways but the ice wouldn’t thaw. Trash collection schedules in Las Vegas were delayed because trucks wouldn’t start. And just as school officials figured they could resume classes on Thursday, with a two-hour delay, they couldn’t get school buses going in the subzero temperatures.

  • Above and Beyond: Fourth-grader thriving at Rio Gallinas

    Taran Franklyn-Atman says he likes Rio Gallinas Charter School, because they go about teaching a bit differently than a traditional public school.

    “Teachers are a lot calmer here. They only yell when they have to,” he said.

    The fourth-grader says he considers everyone in his class his friend. His teachers say the Rio Gallinas student is mild-mannered, kind and a critical thinker.

    Teacher Janice Ulibarri says he’s always prepared for class — and always thinking one step ahead of everyone else.

  • Drug plea nets 5-plus years for Benavidez

    An convicted drug dealer from Las Vegas has been sentenced to five years and three months in federal prison.

    Herminio “Ermie” Benavidez, 32, had pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute more than 50 grams of cocaine. The plea agreement came Nov. 6, 2009.

    A federal judge in the Albuquerque-based U.S. District Court sentenced Benavidez on Jan. 25.

  • Que Pasa - Feb. 4, 2011


  • Thumbs Our high country lowdown on the news


    • People were leaving their freezer doors open just to warm up.

    • We saw someone rubbing two icicles together, hoping for a spark.

    • That place where all the bad people go really did freeze over.

  • To the Point: Ahead of the ax

    Highlands University folks have been commenting on their institutional expectations under new Gov. Susana “La Tejana” Martinez. Their expression demonstrates some justifiable angst.

  • Nuestra Historia - Las Vegas is born

    By Jesus L. Lopez

    Special to the Optic

    Even before 1835, farmers and ranchers from San Miguel had raised crops and grazed livestock on the lush meadows along the Rio Gallinas.  And as related in our last column,  Luis María Cabeza de Baca and his family had settled las vegas as early as 1820.

  • Another perspective: Learning from the past and moving forward

    By Paula Garcia

    Special to the Optic

    Mora County is known for both its beauty and also for its persistent, rural poverty.

  • Mora County Notebook: Mora County is filled with winners

    The students of Mora Middle School recently participated in the annual spelling bee.

    They were coached by Middle School English teacher Roberta Garcia. At the Mora meet Jack Rains took the first place. Ten of the students went to the regional meet in Wagon Mound. Mora student, Alexis Armijo was the first place winner at the regional meet. She will represent Mora County at the State Spelling Bee in Albuquerque in March.

    Andrew Martinez from Wagon Mound was in second place at the regional meet.

  • Palabras Pintorescas: Cookbooks and recipes bring delightful memories

    My friends can come up with some strange things at times. I was just given a sour dough starter. It rests in a gallon Ziplock bag, must be mushed around every morning and more sugar, milk and flour added so it can multiply. This wonderful old yeast like dough continues to bubble and form gas as it works on my kitchen counter. One day soon some of it will become bread, hopefully.