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  • Science & steel

    After cracking the top five in the National Physique Committee’s Austin Nationals this month, Larry Gonzales opted out of his usual meal — boneless, skinless boiled chicken breasts — and treated himself to not one, but two slices of cheesecake.

  • City says it’s acting on parking issue

    Residents near Robertson High School again urged officials to crack down on students parking in their neighborhood.

    Las Vegas City Schools officials say they have plenty of parking at the high school and that no one needs to be parking on the street. They have called on the city to restrict student parking on nearby streets.

    City officials say they now have signs ordered to take care of the issue.

  • Column: A public plan to fail

    Our country is embroiled, on a federal level, with the health care reform debate. One of the opening salvos came in the form of President Obama declaring that any talk of single-payer health coverage is “off the table.” Oddly, nobody has questioned how single payer got “off the table.” I am guessing it didn’t jump off the table of its own accord. I would lay serious money on the likelihood that the health insurance lobby leaned on Obama and others to push it off the table.

  • Martinez out of ‘Rage’

    The Rage is out for Las Vegas athlete Norman Martinez, and we’re not talking about anger management classes.

     Martinez, who had been scheduled to compete in “Rage In The Cage,” a mixed martial arts card Saturday night at the Santa Ana Star Casino, injured his ankle and will be unable to fight.

  • Editorial: City should be very wary

    The Las Vegas City Council should think long and hard before it makes a decision on what to do with its vacant land along Mills Avenue, where the city demolished a public housing development a couple of years ago.

    Originally, the city has planned to have homes built there for a homeownership program for low-income people. Then, in 2005, the council entered a public-private partnership with Farmington-based JL Gray for tax-credit housing for a portion of the vacant land.

    That arrangement fell through. And the city hasn’t provided a clear explanation why.

  • Dog attacks elderly man

    A loose dog attacked a 74-year-old man in a wheelchair last week, city police said.

    According to the police, the dog attacked another canine and then it went after the victim, Jose Gurulé, in the 400 block of Blanchard Street around 7 p.m. Thursday.

    A witness said Gurulé was knocked down to the ground, Deputy Police Chief Christian Montaño said. The dog didn’t bite the man, Montaño said.

  • State throws out drug charges

    The state has dropped drug charges against Anthony Leroy Benavidez.

    Marc Grano, Benavidez’s attorney, said the dismissal came less than two hours before a hearing that would have brought into question the reliability of Michael Strand Jr., the confidential informant in the case.

    Strand is currently in custody awaiting trial on charges that he stabbed to death, and then set on fire, Roberto Mendez in Mora.

    District Attorney Richard Flores said the decision to dismiss the case was based in part on a recording provided by Grano the day before.

  • Pro-Am in area Monday

    More than 100 golfers are due to compete in the annual  Pendaries Pro-Am tournament, set to begin at 10 a.m. Monday at the Pendaries Golf Course in Rociada.

    Entering its sixth year, the Pendaries Pro-Am has — through the help of sponsors — raised more than $20,000 for charity, said local golf pro Larry Webb.

    For the first three years, the Rotary Club administered the tourney’s donation. The past two years, it’s been the Adele Ilfeld Foundation. Much of the proceeds have benefitted indigent health care funding, Webb said.

  • ONLINE STORY: Ex-RHS football player enrolls at West

    Lucas Martinez, who was implicated in the assaults at last year's Robertson High School football camp, registered Tuesday as a student at West Las Vegas High School.

  • Editorial Thumbs

    thumb DOWN for ...AN INNOCENT VICTIM. We’re always dismayed when we hear about a dog attack. It’s even worse when the victim is a 74-year-old man in a wheelchair. Recently, Jose Gurule was reportedly knocked down to the ground as a neighbor’s canine attacked him.

    The police are looking into whether they should charge the owner criminally. If officers establish the elements of a crime, they should charge. Owners need to be held accountable when their dogs attack innocent victims.