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  • Montaño named new PD chief

    It was a packed house at the Las Vegas City Council chambers Wednesday, with most in the audience there to see a promotion.

    Surrounded by family, friends and police officers, Christian Montaño, an 18-year veteran of the city’s police force, was named chief of police after nearly three months serving as interim chief. Following Mayor Alfonso Ortiz’s recommendation, the council voted 3-0 to name him to the permanent position.

  • Senior Profile: The ‘garb,’ the ‘grab’ and the ‘brag’

    It was one of those very cold days in January, but what the weather did not offer in warmth, Ravi Parashar more than made up for.

    An instructor in economics at the United World College, Ravi resounds with students, fellow professionals and others who come in contact with him at the college and throughout the Las Vegas community.

    “One really amazing thing — the day we got here he already knew all our names. He really cares about us,” Mauri Lahti, a student from Finland, said.

  • RHS students get to the point

    A sampling of questions from Robertson High School students to candidates running for the three open seats on the district’s board of education were tough and to the point.

    Unfortunately, with nine candidates running for seats in three districts, and only an hour allotted for the student forum, including opening and closing remarks, student board member and moderator Westley Cole was able to ask only a couple of questions.

    Candidates were asked why there was a shortage of textbooks, and why teacher vacancies were going so long without being filled.

  • Baca case to stay in Las Vegas

    District Judge Eugenio Mathis denied the defense’s motion for change of venue in the manslaughter case against Richard Baca on Wednesday.

    Baca is accused of fatally shooting Benito Lemos, a local postal carrier, in late 2009.

    Baca’s defense team — attorneys Jeffery Buckles and Stacey A. Ward — contend that the media coverage provided by the Las Vegas Optic has tainted prospective jurors.

  • Thumbs - Our high country lowdown on the news

    ENTRENCHED DIVISIVENESS. It was interesting the reasons why school board candidates on both sides of the Gallinas River opposed, favored or wavered regarding the idea of administrative consolidation of the two Las Vegas districts. But no one really mentioned the psychological impact upon our community.

  • To the Point: Another electoral crossroad

    The dreary ineffectiveness of many of our public schools is not news. Our collective failure to develop literacy in our students is at the root of our inability to gain social, cultural and economic well-being locally, nationally and globally. The news bulletin today is that New Mexico ranks 49th in eighth grade reading test scores.

  • Nuestra Historia - Luis María Cabeza de Baca

    Sometime in 1820, Luis María Cabeza de Baca traveled from his home in Peña Blanca to Santa Fe, and then to San Miguel del Bado.

    Don Luis, as he was known, was apparently looking to expand the already large land holdings he owned in and around Peña Blanca, which is located in Sandoval County, west of La Bajada. In San Miguel he heard about lush and extensive pasture lands located along a river to the northeast, and he joined eight others from San Miguel in filing an application for a grant of those verdant vegas.

  • Dulcey Amargo: Our cup runneth over — somewhat

    It might be an understatement that the atmosphere is rife for much comment about goings-on in Las Vegas. Yet, that is my thesis. Whether we talk of the weather or of other current conditions or issues, there is much to be said.

    So, my sincere wishes for a happy and prosperous new year to all of you, but let’s get down to brass tacks, eh?

  • Cowboy hoopsters 10th in region

    On the heels of its third consecutive victory, the New Mexico Highlands University men’s basketball team checks in at No. 10 in the NCAA Division II Central Region rankings.

    The rankings, the first of the season, were released Wednesday afternoon by Amber Feldman, assistant coordinator for championships with the NCAA.

    The Cowboys, coached by Joe Harge, are 13-4 overall and 9-4 within the Central Region. They are 9-4 in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference.

  • RHS girls go deep vs. Elkettes

    It took a second or two for the shot to fully register, not only for Eliana Herrera, but for just about everyone else inside Mike Marr Gym.