Today's News

  • Letter: Just passing through this life

    On July 25, 14 years after my mother died on this date, we lost a daughter in-law to cancer, and a good friend, Cippy Gonzales, also died. They were both VIPs in my life as they would at times shed some sunshine on my path on a dark, rainy day. I know that it had been raining, but on Sunday, I was praying, crying, thinking of their smile, and their jokes, and I happened to stand below the skyline in my kitchen, when a giant drop of rain fell on my head. I took this as a sign they they were safe in our master’s arms.

  • Editorial: Disrespectful behavior

    When the press is asked to leave a meeting, there are usually legal ramifications. The state’s Open Meetings law applies, or doesn’t apply, to the question about whether the press, as the eyes and ears of the public, should be allowed access to the business of a particular meeting. We believe a Las Vegas Fiesta Council meeting should be open to the public — and, therefore, the press should be able to attend — because of the enormous amount of public funds spent on the summer fiestas. But we realize it’s a debatable point.

  • University gets 10-year accreditation

    Highlands University has received official notice of continued accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission’s North Central Association of Colleges and Schools following a comprehensive evaluation in 2009-10.

    The accreditation is for 10 years.

    Highlands University was first accredited by the Higher Learning Commission’s North Central Association of Colleges and Schools in 1926, and has retained its accreditation since then. The university was last awarded accreditation in 2000.

  • As It Is: The bunker mentality

    In the 1990s, another reporter and I were kicked out of a room where a union election was being held.

    My much older colleague told those present, “I’ve been kicked out of better places.”

    I’m always been tempted to use that line when someone is prepared to show me the door. But surprisingly, I have managed to hold my tongue.

  • County eyes new idea for wind rules

    Most of the debate about San Miguel County’s proposed law for wind farms has focused on a provision requiring a three-mile distance between wind turbines and homes.

    The industry contends such a rule would keep wind farms out of most places in the county. But wind-farm opponents argue that turbines would create nose and ruin the area’s scenic views.

    This week, however, county officials attempted to move the discussion away from the three-mile setback.

  • Police search for robbery suspect

    Police are searching for a Las Vegas man who allegedly attacked and robbed another man last week.

    Magistrate Court has issued an arrest warrant for Joseph Garduño, 18, 614 Taos St. He is charged with robbery, aggravated battery, tampering with evidence and three counts of conspiracy.

    His uncle, Paul Garduño, 51, who is accused in the attack, faces the same charges.

  • Highlands University proposes parking permit system

    When motorists are looking for a parking place, it’s always a great feeling to see an open space close to their destinations.

    But with a lot of new construction going on at Highlands University, parking is becoming a major hassle, some say.

    President Jim Fries told the Board of Regents at a recent meeting that the school’s master plan stresses the importance of a permit system for future parking on campus.

  • Sports Commentary: Maybe Favre knows best

    America’s Favorite Pastime used to be baseball. Now it’s the annual summer tradition of waiting to see what Brett Favre is going to do or not do.

    Right up there with Fourth of July fireworks, backyard barbecues and camping trips, is the ritual of tuning into ESPN to decipher the latest cryptic preseason comment of the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

    As of press time, Favre hadn’t made up his mind whether he’s going to finally call it a career or return to the Minnesota Vikings.

    That’s the official story, at least.

  • Mil Gracias letter

    The volunteers at El Comedor (the Tuesday evening soup kitchen at the Senior Center) would like to thank Chairman Mike Fields and the rest of the Rough Rider Rally Committee and Joe Aragon from the Department of Health for their donation of leftover barbecue chicken, potato salad and other goodies for our Tuesday evening meal. It was delicious and enjoyed by all who came.

  • At 25, woman leads county ag office

    Samantha Ortiz joined 4-H when she was 5. At 25, she now oversees a lot of the organization’s local activities as the San Miguel County 4-H and Agriculture Extension agent.

    Ortiz says she, Mora agent Skip Finley and the fair board all have had their hands full in recent days preparing for the county fair, which begins today and runs through Sunday, but has been in the works since the end of the 2009 event.

    “The work really never ends on the 4-H side, as we guide the kids in the right way, for show-time,” Ortiz said.