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  • Vote on Tuesday

    Voter turnout for school board elections tends to be low, which is sad, considering that the decisions school boards make directly affect the children in our community.

    We urge registered voters to take the time to consider the candidates in their districts and other ballot measures carefully and that they show up and vote on Tuesday.

    Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

    Registered voters who reside within the West Las Vegas School District will elect three board members.

  • Court funding

    It’s no secret that New Mexico’s court system is struggling. Just a few weeks ago, Chief Justice Charles Daniels told lawmakers that the courts are on life support and that the state’s budget crisis threatens to undercut constitutional guarantees to a speedy trial, funding for juries, access to court records and other basic services.

    Given those realities, we are baffled by Gov. Susana Martinez’ decision to veto $800,000 in emergency funding for the courts.

  • Editorial Cartoon - Feb. 3, 2017
  • Editorial Cartoon - Feb. 5, 2017
  • Just a Thought: The basic elements necessary for a hero

    By Rick Kraft

    What our nation needs is more heroes. What our community needs is more heroes. What our families need are more heroes.

    There is a shortage of heroes among us.  Now, more than ever in the history of mankind, we need heroes among us.

    Can you be a much needed hero? Are you worthy of being considered a hero?

  • Lawmakers’ Perspective - Motivated workers contribute to a strong economy

    The act of simply cutting state spending, without considering any revenue enhancements, can hurt New Mexico’s long-term economic performance in several ways.

    Important public services will be curtailed, making New Mexico a less attractive place to visit, live and start or expand a business; state contracts and spending with local businesses will decrease, hurting those businesses’ bottom lines and forcing them to lay off employees or severely cut their hours; and all employees will have less money to spend in our local communities.

  • Counselors, ed leaders explore Highlands
  • Teacher adopts three, becomes foster mom

    By Erin Flynn
    The Daily News-Record

    HARRISONBURG, Va. — Angela Leffel and three of her children were seated around their kitchen table Monday afternoon, considering their next move.

    Each was armed with seven cards that they sought to get rid of before the other Kings in the Corner players.

    “I know you have a four and an ace,” 17-year-old Dallas Leffel said to his 11-year-old brother, Conner.

    Their 15-year-old sister, Katelyn, looked on, occasionally making jokes.

  • Dear Teacher - Feb. 5, 2017

    By Marge Eberts and Peggy Gisler

    Question: I want to give my children a few books this holiday season. What is the best way to make wise choices? My children range from kindergarten to preteens. I want to avoid books with inappropriate content. — Need to Select Wisely

  • Getting ready for planting season