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  • Senior Lunch Menu — July 30, 2017

    The breakfast and lunch menu for the Las Vegas/Pecos Senior Centers, with 2 percent milk served with all meals. Menu for July 31 to Aug. 4.

    Breakfast: Scrambled egg with potatoes and cheese, English muffin, and juice
    Lunch: Oven fried chicken, green beans, scallop potatoes, whole wheat roll, and apple

    Breakfast: Potato and egg burrito with cheese, juice, and salsa
    Lunch: Philly steak and cheese sandwich, baked French fries, broccoli, and diced cantaloupe


  • Que Pasa - July 30, 2017


    5 p.m.
    Emi Arte Flamenco will perform a one- hour program at the Palms Ballroom, featuring a Flamenco guitarist, singer and two dancers. This event will conclude a month-long session of classes which are currently in progress at the Palms Ballroom sponsored by the Meadow City Academy of Music under the directorship of Ronald Maltais. Emmy Grimm (La Emi) has put together a show for Las Vegas. Tickets will be sold at the door. Admission is $10.


    7 p.m.

  • Sessions’ drug views outdated

    The following editorial was recently published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

    For reasons that defy understanding, science, public opinion and most state governments, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has decided that cracking down on the use of medical marijuana is a priority. Assuming he survives President Donald Trump’s pique, he wants Congress to roll back rules that prohibit the Justice Department from going around state laws to enforce a federal ban against medical cannabis.

  • Editorial Cartoon - July 30, 2017
  • Beth Speaks for Herself - Musing about Las Vegas while cruising Lake Michigan

    By Beth Urech

    Two columns ago, I quoted Rumi: “Ages ago, God circled a spot on the map exactly where you are standing now.” That sounded so reassuring and solid. However, since then I’ve been in and out of circles as we wend our way up the Michigan coast in our sailboat.

    I wonder if God predicted them all. As a kid, I took the same route albeit on Route 31 in the family Chevrolet station wagon. In a car, the trip takes six hours — in our boat two weeks.

  • Just a Thought: It’s only just a name — or is it?

    By Rick Kraft

    It has been said that the sweetest sound a person can hear is the sound of his or her name.

    Your name is unique. It is the very identifier for each of us. When someone says, “How are you doing Rick?” I know their greeting is specifically for me. If in a lengthy conversation the person I am talking with says “Rick” several times, it reminds me that they are talking directly to me.

  • From the Highlands President - Merging the institutions of higher education

    By Sam Minner

    Are there too many institutions of higher education in New Mexico? If so, should some of them merge and if that happened, what might be gained?

  • Another Perspective: Another assault on tenure by NMHU administration

    By Dr. Kathy Jenkins

    The New Mexico Highlands University administration has a long and storied history of assaulting the rights of tenured faculty at our institution.

    A simple search of NMHU and the American Association of University Professors reveals two disturbing assaults on tenure from previous administrations.

  • HU students create Manhattan Project exhibits

    By Margaret McKinney
    Highlands University

    Visitors to the Bradbury Science Museum will experience the history of the Manhattan Project in a visually compelling way, thanks to new multimedia exhibits created by New Mexico Highlands University students.

  • Dear Teacher - July 30, 2017

    By Marge Eberts and Peggy Gisler
    Question: My young children already can do some hunt-and-peck typing. How early are these skills being taught in schools? Is 5 too young to teach my child some keyboarding? — Typist