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  • ‘Longmire’ begins shoot of final season

    It’s the last roundup for Walt Longmire and his popular television series.

    “Longmire” producers issued a casting call for extras last week, luring more than a hundred people to Travellers Café on the Old Town Plaza. The Netflix series will begin shooting its sixth and final season this month in and around Las Vegas and other locales across northern New Mexico.

  • In Brief - News - March 12, 2017

    The Associated Press

    Coyote killing targeted
    SANTA FE — The Legislature has taken a step toward outlawing coyote killing contests for prizes or entertainment, without placing restrictions on hunting or trapping the animals.

    The state Senate voted 26-15 Thursday on a bill that would make it illegal to organize, sponsor or participate in a coyote killing contest. The initiative now moves to the House, where lawmakers debated a similar bill in 2013 for two hours before voting it down.

  • Plan would raise taxes to address budget shortfall

    By Morgan Lee
    The Associated Press

    SANTA FE — A Senate panel released a plan Thursday to raise $350 million in new taxes and fees to shore up New Mexico state finances in the coming fiscal year, amid a grinding budget crisis linked to energy prices and a sluggish economy.

    After a week of backroom meetings, the Senate Finance Committee announced amendments to a House-approved taxation bill that would more aggressively increase revenue to close a $128 million budget shortfall and rebuild state reserves to protect New Mexico’s credit rating.

  • School lunch bill gets Senate nod

    The Associated Press

    SANTA FE — A bill to ensure that New Mexico children are served school meals even if their parents do not pay on time has been approved by the Senate.

    The Senate voted 30-7 on Thursday in favor of the bill that outlines debt collection procedures for unpaid breakfasts and lunches at public, private and religious schools that accept federal subsidies for student meals.

    The bill also prohibits schools from calling attention to a child who can’t pay or requiring they do chores to help pay for food, to avoid any stigma.

  • Tapped out (of credibility)

    The following editorial originally published in the Norwich Bulletin (Conn.) on March 6.

    If President Donald Trump’s boundless temerity hadn’t already tested and exhausted the tolerance of every American who doesn’t own a red hat, he probably alienated those last few holdouts on Saturday.

  • Editorial Cartoon - March 12, 2017
  • Another Perspective: Is more money the answer to education system’s problems?

    By Carla Sonntag

    We spend a lot of time talking about how bad New Mexico educational system is — ranked 49th in the nation. Is the answer more money? Absolutely not! Some states spending less per student rank higher for educational quality.

    More money is not the answer, but how we spend it is. If we invested in competitive teachers’ salaries that support quality personnel, we might see a difference. We also need to invest in better educational materials and equipment.

  • Just a Thought: Creating something positive in the air

    By Rick Kraft

    There is something positive in the air.  And there could be more if you choose to streak! What?  Who would want to see you streaking?  The short answer is “everyone.”  Okay, I have a lot of explaining to do.

    This week is an anniversary for me, seventeen years to be exact. I began streaking on March 10, 2000 and I have been streaking every day since. Okay, I know, I still have a lot of explaining to do.

  • Another Perspective: Democratic Party must do some soul-searching

    By Joe McCaffery

    This is an open communication with Tom Perez, the newly elected Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

    Tom, I was elected as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia from New Mexico Congressional Dist. 3, pledged to Secretary Clinton. On TV, I was the guy in the yellow hat and bandanna, angry at the Sanders delegates.

    Tom, I remain perplexed; we Democrats don’t seem to be able to admit to simplest of truths:

    We lost the election! There is no do-over button!

  • USDA selects Randa York as employee of the month

    Submitted to the Optic

    The Natural Resources Conservation Service in New Mexico has selected Randa York as the March 2017 “Employee of the Month.”

    York is a native of Fort Sumner. She is the daughter of Ralph and Rita York of that community.

    She is a Soil Conservationist with the USDA Service Center in Las Vegas. She was selected from the more than the 120 employees of the NRCS New Mexico, which has field offices in 35 locations across the state. NRCS New Mexico offices can be found in every county except for Los Alamos.