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  • Ethics reform needed

    Given the scandals that have rocked New Mexico over the past year, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that our state scored a D- in the 2015 State Integrity Investigation.

    The investigation — conducted by the Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit, nonpartisan investigative news organization in Washington, D.C. — assessed how each state’s laws and practices deter corruption, promote transparency and enforce accountability.

  • Editorial cartoon - Nov. 15
  • Another Perspective: Use of state lands by public hunters in danger of becoming a thing of the past

    If there’s one thing that we New Mexicans pride ourselves on, it’s tradition. Our cultural and familial traditions are some of the most important aspects of our lives. We hold them near and dear to our hearts and will do anything to protect them. This can entail anything from spending hours trying to get Grandma to put measurements to her recipes so that you can write them down for continued use, to protesting and resisting to ensure that our way of life is passed on to future generations. It’s in our history, our culture, our identity; it is who we are.

  • Just a Thought - Community conflicts and a bumper sticker

    By Rick Kraft

    The headline on the front page of a local newspaper states that last night the community was emotionally split over a controversial issue being heard by the community leaders. A bumper sticker on the rear fender of a car that was parked in the parking lot stated “God Bless Everyone. No Exceptions.”

    So how do we reconcile these two concepts of a highly emotional conflict and blessing everyone? Are they reconcilable? I believe so.

  • Another Perspective: The twin ghosts plaguing our country

    By Jim Terr

    We all know it’s true on an individual level: A lie, an injustice, a memory buried or unacknowledged warps us, pains us, keeps us off course and unconscious, as we maneuver around it, rationalize it, avoid it. Until we confront it, remember it, embrace it, forgive it, let it go, apologize for it, whatever, it twists and reduces us.

    And so it is for a group of us, including a country.

  • Celebrating heritage
  • Weather - Nov. 15, 2015


    HIGH 59° / LOW 34°
    A 20 percent chance of showers. Mostly sunny, with a high near 59. Southwest wind 10 to 20 mph.
    6:36 a.m. to 4:54 p.m.


    HIGH 49° / LOW 24°
    Rain likely. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 49. Breezy. Chance of precipitation is 60%.
    6:37 a.m. to 4:53 p.m.


  • Looking Back - Nov. 15, 2015

    In 1965
    Thursday, Nov. 11, 1965 — Is it a good thing for students who are unable to understand their school work, or for some reason fail to get the assigned homework done, to be humiliated before the entire class? We have recently discovered that in our own school system, in certain classrooms, a student who has not done his work properly is forced to go to the teacher’s desk and kneel there. We understand that they were forced to stay there the entire period until someone protested that this was a waste of time, so now they only do it for a few minutes.

  • Que Pasa - Nov. 15, 2015

    1 p.m.

    Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Daughters of the Americas is sponsoring a bingo at the IC Religious Education Center, Sixth and National. Tickets may be purchased at the door or from an OLOS Court #1301 CDA member for $5.

    4 p.m.

  • Noticias - Nov. 15

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    • Substance Abuse Groups meetings take place 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 713 Railroad Ave. Las Vegas. For more information, call 425-2687.