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  • Couple charged in child’s death

    The parents of an infant boy who died more than a year ago are facing felony child abuse charges after an autopsy determined that the child had cocaine in his system.

  • Meet Super Cooper

    Super Cooper has been a nickname for incoming Las Vegas City Schools Superintendent Kelt Cooper for more than three decades. He started to get called Super Cooper when he was a math teacher. Since then his name has stuck with him throughout his educational career, which has spanned several states. On May 9, he will take the helm as superintendent of Las Vegas City Schools.

  • Campos to deliver HU graduation address

    By Sean Weaver
    Highlands University

    New Mexico State Sen. Pete Campos will deliver the commencement address to this year’s Highlands University graduating class.

    The 2016 Commencement Ceremony will be at 2 p.m. on May 14 in the university’s John A. Wilson Complex.

  • Preparing for a nasty spring allergy season

    Alta Vista Regional Hospital

    Experts are advising that 2016 could be an exceptionally unpleasant spring allergy season and those who suffer from seasonal allergies need to be prepared. With the unusual up-and-down weather pattern across the country all winter, there is likely to be a “pollen super burst” as temperatures begin to climb.

  • At Vatican, Biden seeks common cause with pope on cancer

    By Josh Lederman
    The Associated Press

    VATICAN CITY — Vice President Joe Biden found common cause with Pope Francis on Friday at the Vatican for a global commitment to fund cancer research.

    Biden spoke at a conference on regenerative medicine and ended up sharing the stage with the pope, who used his own speech to decry a profit-driven medical research system. With light streaming through stained glass into an ornate auditorium, the pope called for empathy for the sick and communal guarantees that all have access to care.

  • In Brief - News - May 1, 2016

    The Associated Press

    Testimony: Records falsified

    ALBUQUERQUE — State caseworkers and supervisors have testified that they falsified income information on emergency applications for people seeking food assistance, resulting in some of New Mexico’s most needy being denied help.

    The testimony came Thursday in a case in which lawyers are challenging whether the state Human Services Department is meeting certain requirements.

  • Editorial cartoon - May 1, 2016
  • A cynical alliance

    Editor’s note: The following editorial is from The Dallas Morning News and was initially published on April 26.

    Cruz-Kasich alliance to stop Trump is a cynical gamble that could backfire.

    If it holds, the uneasy truce between Texas’ Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich may — and we emphasize may — succeed in keeping real estate mogul Donald Trump from securing enough delegates to win the GOP nomination outright.

  • Just for the record: A recent experience with medical costs

    We can’t all seem to agree about much lately, but perhaps we can all agree that in order to address a problem we have to have some accurate information, even if just one person’s experience.

     So, assuming we agree we do have a problem with medical costs and coverage (including the specter of going bankrupt from medical costs if not insurance costs), I’d like to share a recent experience with surgery and hospitalization:

  • Just a Thought: Feet on the ground and reach for the stars

    There are two personality traits that most people would agree should be sought after.

    One trait is confidence. I think if you ask the average person if they would like to approach each day with confidence, they would say yes. A second personality trait is humbleness. This might be a better question asked about others. I think if you ask the average person if they would like others to be humble, they would say yes.

    So one of these is a characteristic we wish on ourselves and one of these is a characteristic we desire in others, but should also want for ourselves.