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  • GO FISH: Weekly fishing report for June 17

    Editor’s note: This fishing report, compiled by the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, has been generated from the best information available from officers and anglers. Conditions encountered after the report is compiled may differ, however, as stream, lake and weather conditions alter fish and angler activities.

    Fishing report, June 17

  • Still no answers regarding fatal fire

    Four months after a fire that took the life of Laurencio Via, the state fire marshal has yet to release a report, but his grandson and some of his neighbors believe they know what caused it.

    Via, 82, died from smoke inhalation in a blaze that started around 9 p.m. on Feb. 8 in his mobile home in Watrous. Power had been out the better part of that day, and when it came back on at roughly 8:45 p.m., it did so with a power surge that neighbors say destroyed some electrical appliances and caused others to catch fire and even explode.

  • Here we go again

    There’s quite a bit of concern among residents in Mora and San Miguel counties about a potential increase in property taxes for grazing land. In a time when we hear more and more about the common sense of healthy, locally grown food products (for example, beef), our state government seems to be pushing small livestock operators to the edge of extinction.

  • City water restrictions imposed

    With a divided vote Wednesday, the Las Vegas City Council placed Stage 1 use restrictions on the city’s water customers.

    The action means the city’s water users must curtail their water use in several ways, including outside watering, swimming pool upkeep and ornamental fountain use, car washing, restaurants serving water to customers, and fire hydrants. (See info box, Page A2)

  • The Gorras Blancas rode the night

    The black locomotives of the first trains in New Mexico territory belched hot white steam into the tree-lined skies. The Mexican-American war had ended, had left deep distrust in the hearts of the territory citizens, many of whom had lost entire families in the bloody dispute. The largest city in the territory those days was Las Vegas, N.M., a bustling destination with a new depot on the railroad.

  • What gifts these mortals bring

    If you want to drive to Camp Luna to visit, we live on the northwest corner (almost). But if you’re a dog-dropper-off-er, we’ve moved to Honolulu.

    Let’s vary the statement somewhat: If you need us, we’ll be at home. It follows, then, that if you don’t need us, we’re elsewhere.

    We covered this iffy kind of conditional mood a couple of columns back, implying that people’s intentions determine the physical location or even the name of the other person.

    Let me explain:

  • The Taliban's comeback

    Here comes troubling news out of Afghanistan: Taliban militants are fighting to control several villages in the southern part of the nation so they can put themselves in a position to take back the city of Kandahar, their former spiritual home.

  • Memphis mystifies Isotopes

    By Dave Kavanaugh

    Las Vegas Optic

    Good pitching by Chris Seddon wasn’t enough to deliver a victory in game one of Albuquerque’s series opener Wednesday in Memphis. And big hitting by the Isotopes in game two didn’t get it done, either.

    Memphis swept the doubleheader 3-1 and 5-4 at AutoZone Park, dropping the ‘Topes to 34-38. Albuquerque had drawn within two games of .500 after winning three of four over visiting Omaha earlier this week.

    The series continues this evening, with game four set for Friday.

  • Youth program teaches hard work

    The Luna Community College Leadership Camp is a weeklong endurance test for high school juniors and seniors filled with physical fitness, instruction and lectures. In the end students see rewards in increased self-confidence, new friendships — and a brand new laptop computer.

    “We have a full week of instruction on leadership,” said Art Abreu, camp director. “We have talks, classes and actually live and breathe leadership, with a special emphasis on respect.”

  • TRIPP'S TRIPPIN': Q&A with NMHU women's hoops coach Tiffany Darling

    I had a chance to sit and visit with new Highlands women’s basketball coach Tiffany Darling recently, and I must admit that except for her choosing the Denver Broncos over the Dallas Cowboys, the visit was enjoyable as well as positive. Ed Manzanares, I believe, made a great choice in the hiring of Coach Darling. She did make up for the Bronco comment by giving props to two of my all-time favorites, Larry “Legend” Bird and the “General” Bobby Knight.