Today's News

  • West Las Vegas finishes renovation

    When West Las Vegas Superintendent Jim Abreu looked out his second-floor window Wednesday, he could see snow falling on the Old Town Plaza.

    Its a postcard, he said of the scene outside his corner office. Some people ask why I dont face my desk toward the window. If I did, I wouldnt get my work done.

    Abreu and other school district employees moved within the last month into the recently renovated second floor of the school districts administration building on the Plaza.

    The project, handled by Franken Construction, cost the district around $500,000, Abreu said.

  • Time and fortune

    UWC Theatre Instructor Tim Crofton handed me a wrapped fortune cookie last Saturday night. I pierced the cellophane with my teeth, let the cookie tumble into one hand. Sixty pairs of nervous eyes watched as I cracked the brittle treat and read the message out loud.

    “Look at the moon. Show only your bright side to the world.”

  • Castellano remains as Luna chairman

    Ambrose Castellano is staying as chairman of Luna Community College’s Board of Trustees, but he doesn’t have unanimous support in that position.

    Trustee Abelino Montoya asked for the board to consider a reorganization at its meeting this week. Montoya, a former chairman, said it’s important that other members get the chance to serve in that role, so he nominated Tony Valdez, the newest trustee, to serve as chairman.

    “He has shown a special interest in the college. He is fresh blood,” Montoya said.

  • Lost in translation...

    Last summer, I bought a copy of Rilke’s Duino Elegies translated into English from the original German. I read it, enjoyed it, and stored it away in my brain until sometime last week, when I happened to see it sitting on my bookshelf. I began rereading it and was enjoying it a second time when I temporarily misplaced my book. I wasn’t terribly worried about it, because I knew that this particular series of poems was pretty famous and could be found online without much hassle.

  • Officials criticize local media

    Two City Council members criticized local media organizations Wednesday, saying they are too negative about the community.

    Near the end of the council’s regular meeting, Councilman Cruz Roybal said that “air media” organizations are unfairly negative. He said the city is making progress in economic development, citing Old Wood as an example. But he said claims are being made on the radio that the city is stagnating.

    “Who would want to settle in Las Vegas hearing that?” he asked.

  • Fire Dept. members forming union

    Members of the Las Vegas Fire Department have combined forces and are in the process of forming a union, with their leader saying they want their pay on par with other departments.

    Elauterio “Mike” Montao, interim president of the Las Vegas, New Mexico, Professional Firefighters Association Local 4625, said departments members started the unionizing process in November and hope to become recognized as the official union in the next couple of months.

  • Highlands students visit Chihuahua

    Eighteen students from New Mexico Highlands University School of Social Work had the chance to practice both their social work and Spanish-speaking skills during a two-week visit to Chihuahua City, Mexico.

  • City to look at transferring authority

    The City Council today is expected to look at a plan to transfer day-to-day authority over the Las Vegas-San Miguel County Office of Emergency Management to the county.

    In December, the County Commission agreed to have the county assume control of that agency, which coordinates responses to emergencies.

    Dennis English, the county’s safety coordinator and a former Las Vegas police captain, is expected to head the emergency office. County Manager Les Montoya has said that English has the background to run the office.

  • Campos named president

    In a widely expected decision, the Luna Community College Board of Trustees named Las Vegas City Schools Superintendent Pete Campos as the school’s new president.

    The board voted 6-0 in favor of Campos, with Trustee Levi Alcon abstaining. The trustees must still negotiate a start date and salary for Campos, who is also a state senator.

    Campos couldn’t attend the meeting because the City Schools board meeting was at the same time, but he got word of the decision through a text message.

  • Members take leave of absence

    Two members of the Las Vegas-San Miguel Economic Development Corporation’s board have taken leaves of absence until the March 4 municipal election.

    Sharon Vander Meer, EDC’s president, announced this week that EDC Vice President Matt Martinez and board member Diane Moore will step away from the organization until the election.