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  • Little League - May 20, 2011

    The following are scores reported to the Optic by local Little Leagues as of press time.

    FRIDAY, May 13
    La Plaza Majors: A’s 16, Rockies 0
    La Plaza Minors: A’s defeated Red Sox, forfeit

    MONDAY, May 16
    La Plaza Majors: Marlins 9, Angels 0
    La Plaza Minors: Marlins 7, Giants 5

    TUESDAY, May 17
    La Plaza Majors: Cubs 9, Red Sox 8
    La Plaza Minors: A’s 3, Phillies 2; Marlins 5, Giants 0

  • BREAKING: Two city workers killed in accident

    Two city of Las Vegas utilities department employees were killed Wednesday morning when the ditch they were working in collapsed on them, City Attorney David Romero confirmed.
    Gene Hern and Frank Romero died at the scene.
    "We are still in shock and trying to address the needs of all concerned,  including family members and coworkers," Romero said. "The primary concern now is for the families of the deceased."
    He said Hern and Romero were working on a sewer line near Cinder Road and Palo Verde when the accident occurred.

  • BREAKING: City Schools board rejects superintendent finalists

    A divided Las Vegas City Schools Board voted to not hire any of the four finalists for the superintendent post.

    Board member Ricky Serna made the motion, explaining that he was looking for someone who could take the district from where it is to a model for education reform. He said that based on the interviews, he did not think any of the remaining finalists could do that.

  • West losing employees to cut costs

    A handful of West Las Vegas Schools district employees will soon be looking for a job, according to superintendent Ruben Cordova.

    Cordova said budget problems are keeping the district from rehiring some first- and second- year employees. Those employees do not have tenure.

    The district, meanwhile, is taking steps to ensure it can lay off tenured teachers, should budget problems require that at a future date. Districts officials stressed that there are currently no plans to lay off tenured teachers.

  • Bribery case rocks judiciary

    By Barry Massey and Jeri Clausing
    The Associated Press

    The state Supreme Court on Monday suspended a judge who was indicted on bribery charges in what the governor and a prosecutor said is just the beginning of the latest investigation into pay-to-play allegations against former Gov. Bill Richardson’s administration.

    The court issued an order Monday that suspends state District Judge Michael Murphy immediately without pay. The suspension remains in effect until further action by the court.

  • Local judge urged caution

    The 11-page supplemental report chronicling the investigation of Judge Michael Murphy states that a Las Vegas judge urged a colleague to think carefully about turning Murphy in, warning that she could damage her career by doing so.

    Judge Lisa Schultz told authorities that as she was grappling with how to proceed with Murphy’s request for payments to a Gov. Bill Richardson insider, she contacted Supreme Court Justice Petra Maes in 2009 and asked for advice. Maes reportedly told her that they could discuss the matter at the Judicial Conclave in Albuquerque.

  • Training Days

    It was 9:26 a.m. on a Monday morning this past July when the first 911 call came in alerting police about an active shooter inside an Albuquerque business they would later learn shot six people, killing two.

    Las Vegas police spent two weeks recently training on how to deal with an active shooter situation like the one that played out at Emcore and others that have played out at schools across the country.

    It’s training Las Vegas Police Chief Christian Montaño hopes his officers will never have to use, but training he knows could be critical.

  • Soccer coach, wife cleared in battery case

    Battery charges filed against the Robertson High School girl’s soccer coach and his wife were dropped last month because of insufficient evidence.

    Coach Ray Parks was facing a petty misdemeanor count of battery, and his wife, Brenda Parks, was facing a misdemeanor battery charge.

    Senior trial prosecutor Donald Sears Jr. filed motions to dismiss the cases against Ray and Brenda Parks on April 15.  The pleadings state that besides having insufficient evidence to move forward with the cases, the witnesses were uncooperative.

  • Looking Back

    In 1911

    Thursday, May 18 — Thomas McGovern and P.J. Ryan of Pueblo, Colo., were last night awarded by the city council the contract for the construction of the sewer system in the district established some time ago upon recommendation of the citizens’ sewer committee. The contract price is $20,663. Bids were opened at a special meeting of the council held yesterday afternoon. These were taken under consideration and the final decision was made at a regular session which was called to order at 8 o’clock in the evening.

  • Looking Ahead

    Glimpses of the Past presentation Thursday

    Fort Union National Monument will have its monthly “Glimpses of the Past” presentation titled “Rancho de las Golondrinas: An Intimate History” at 7 p.m. on Thursday at the CCHP/Santa Fe Trail interpretive Center, 116 Bridge St. The event is free and open to the public. For more information call 425-8025.