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  • Block loses spot as Public Regulation Commission vice chair

    The Associated Press

    SANTA FE — The New Mexico Public Regulation Commission has voted to remove embattled Commissioner Jerome Block Jr. from his vice chairman’s post.
    The vote came Thursday during a regular meeting in Santa Fe. Block did not attend the meeting.

  • Sewage as drinking water?

    By Angela K. Brown
    The Associated Press

    FORT WORTH, Texas  — In parched West Texas, it’s often easier to drill for oil than to find new sources of water.

    So after years of diminishing water supplies made even worse by the second-most severe drought in state history, some communities are resorting to a plan that might have seemed absurd a generation ago: turning sewage into drinking water.

  • Man charged with 8th DWI

    When officer Sammy Clouthier came upon the silver Dodge Ram parked in the middle of Bond Street in Wagon Mound shortly before 7 p.m. last Wednesday he activated his red emergency lights and went to see what the problem was.

    Clouthier, an officer with the New Mexico Department of Public Safety’s Motor Transportation Police, ended up taking John Apodaca, 53, of the 1100 block of Railroad Avenue in Wagon Mound, into custody on a drunken driving charge.

    It wasn’t Apodaca’s first drunken driving arrest. Or his second. Or even his third.

  • $100K needed for new city incinerator

    By Amanda Skotchdopole
    For the Optic

    The city of Las Vegas has been cremating animals euthanized at its shelter for years, but that practice changed recently when it learned that its incinerator was no longer safe to operate.

    The incinerator, which is used as a crematory for both euthanized animals and roadkill, has been out of commission for three months.

    The determination that the incinerator is no longer safe to operate came from NCE-Crawford-Emcotek, the company that manufactured it.

  • Moving Day

    After being closed for a year for a major expansion that never happened, West Las Vegas’ Tony Serna Elementary is getting set to reopen.

    Although the expansion fell through, the district replaced sewer lines that had collapsed, renovated bathrooms throughout the school and painted classrooms.

    The school’s kitchen is currently being gutted and redone, and the Public School Facilities Authority recently announced that the district would be receiving money for a roof project at Tony Serna.

  • Block a suspect in stolen car case

    The Associated Press

    SANTA FE — Public Regulation Commissioner Jerome Block Jr., already accused of misusing campaign money and under investigation for questionable charges on his state-issued gas card, is now a suspect in a stolen vehicle case, according to Santa Fe police.

    Police told KOB-TV Monday that Block is accused of test driving a used Honda from Capitol City Auto and never returning it. Police say the car was missing for three weeks before it was found undamaged last week on the Plaza in downtown Santa Fe.

  • Melton named executive VP at Bank of Las Vegas

    Mike Melton has been nominated to the Board of Directors of the Bank of Las Vegas.

    Melton, who has also been promoted to executive vice president, is a 1999 graduate of Highlands University and is completing a graduate degree in banking at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  He joined the Bank of Las Vegas in 2003.  

  • Troops’ remains return home

    By Pauline Jelinek
    The Associated Press

    WASHINGTON — Troops killed in the deadliest incident of the Afghan war came home Tuesday — traveling in death much the same way they did in life — shrouded in secrecy.

    Two C-17 aircraft carrying the remains of 30 killed in a weekend helicopter crash arrived late in the morning at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, the Pentagon said.

  • Looking Back - August 10, 2011

    In 1911

    Thursday, Aug. 10, 1911 — Geraldo Flores late last night heard the sound of a baby crying. He arose from his bed and went to investigate. Flores found the author of the cries, a girl baby of about one week old, lying in a box upon his door step. Flores picked up box and baby and carried them into the house. He found the child to be well dressed. A handkerchief had been tied about the baby’s mouth to smother its cries... Flores, who lives on the West side, today made an effort to find the parents of the child.

  • Looking Ahead - News August 10, 2011

    HOPEmobile will be in Vegas Thursday

    International non-profit Project HOPE and United Healthcare launched a statewide mobile health initiative aimed at increasing access to primary care for rural  New Mexico. The program’s HOPEmobile, will stop here on Thursday, Aug. 11, and Saturday, Aug. 13, and will provide free screenings and health education.