Local News

  • Teen arrested on school grounds

    A 18-year-old was arrested this week on drug charges in an investigation on Robertson High School grounds.

    Raphael Lobato, a Robertson student, 735 Dalbey Drive, was charged with trafficking crack cocaine in a drug-free school zone.

    Around 5 p.m. Wednesday, the Region 4 Narcotics Task Force approached Lobato on the Robertson campus to speak with him about his suspected drug activity, which was reported by confidential informants, according to court documents.

  • Groups push literacy causes

    Most people take such things for granted — reading stories to their children, ordering a meal from a menu, understanding road signs and even completing a job application.

    The fact is that 46 percent of adult New Mexicans can’t read, and in San Miguel County, the figure rises to 59 percent.

    The Leap for Literacy Fair held recently at the city’s recreation center is just one of a number of events that a coalition of community organizations, schools and business people are organizing to try to put a dent in these statistics.

  • County has no stance on insurance

    The County Commission is taking a wait-and-see attitude on whether it will take a position on universal health insurance.

    Mary Feldblum, a representative of the Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign, spoke before the commission this week, hoping to get its support for her group’s proposal for universal health insurance.

    Under such a program, all New Mexicans would receive insurance, regardless of income, health or employment status. (Federal retirees and active duty and retired military would still continue with their plans.)

  • Mayoral directives questioned

    Members of the city’s utilities committee are questioning some of the mayor’s new rules for advisory panels, some of which give the mayor more control.

    During this week’s committee meeting, Ken Garcia, the acting city manager, started the ball rolling by handing out a list of “general rules”  signed by Las Vegas Mayor Tony Marquez and dated Oct. 14. Committee members said they hadn’t seen it before.

  • Students show support for college acquisition

    SANTA FE — Hundreds of students and faculty from the College of Santa Fe rallied at the state capitol earlier this week in support of an acquisition by New Mexico Highlands University.

  • County offices may close

    The latest project to improve the county courthouse is coming with some costs — dust and noise.

    County Manager Les Montoya asked the County Commission this week if it was OK with his allowing offices to close for certain periods when the dust and noise are unbearable.

    Commissioners said they had no objections.

    Montoya said he had spoken with the contractor, Franken Construction, and asked the company to take measures to reduce the amount of dust such as placing sealant on doors.

  • State official’s status in question

    The state hospital’s deputy administrator has been gone for more than a week, but state Health Department officials aren’t saying why.

    For the last couple of years, Isaac Apodaca has been in charge of public relations and staff development at the hospital.

    He is the only deputy administrator, but he is not considered the second in command, said Troy Jones, the hospital’s administrator. The second in command is Anthony Martinez, the clinical director.

  • Luna trustee says he wanted to resolve overcharge

    Tony Valdez, a member of the Luna Community College Board of Trustees, said Tuesday that he didn’t get any favors when he sought a resolution for a huge spike in his sewer bills.

    He was responding to a controversy about his utilities account that is developing between Mayor Tony Marquez and Councilman Andrew Feldman, a Luna employee.

    According to a Sept. 26 e-mail from Marquez to then-City Manager Sharon Caballero, the mayor requested that the city manager work to resolve a problem with Valdez’s account.

  • HU to have book exchange

    February is Library Lovers Month, and Highlands University’s Donnelly Library is offering anyone in Las Vegas a chance to exchange books they’ve read for brand-new reads.

    Associate librarian Ying Griego said anyone in town can participate in the free book exchange and may take as many books as they bring in. A dropoff box is now in place at the information counter until Feb. 23. The book exchange will take place from Feb. 24-28.

  • Others may have known

    A woman claiming to have been sexually harassed by Robertson High School Principal Richard Lopez said she had been harassed previously by Lopez and that she only reapplied for the job because a Las Vegas City Schools board member said Lopez would not harass her a second time.

    The woman’s attorney, Merit Bennett, said the school board member knew about Lopez’s alleged harassment.