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  • Debt ceiling crisis looms

    By Andrew Taylor and Jim Kuhnhenn
    The Associated Press

    WASHINGTON  — One week from a potentially debilitating debt crisis, Democrats and Republicans clashed Tuesday over rival plans to slash spending and increase the nation’s borrowing ability despite President Barack Obama’s endgame appeal for compromise. Financial markets registered their nervousness with the stalemate.

  • Que Pasa - July 27, 2011


  • Students acquire certification

    Submitted to the Optic

    Six Luna Community College students did something  no others have done in New Mexico — complete national and state certifications as journeyman carpenters through a post-secondary institution.

    Michael Montaño, John Silva, Joseph Gomez, Charles Montoya, Michael Valdez and Raymond Mora went through building technology courses offered at Luna Community College in collaboration with the Associated General Contractors of America and the National Center for Construction Education and Research.

  • Wild West attitude still prevalent

    By Jeri Clausing
    Associated Press

    ALBUQUERQUE  — The arrest of Albuquerque’s chief criminal judge on charges he raped a prostitute is just the latest example of a seemingly wild West-no-rules-attitude permeating numerous levels of authority in New Mexico.

  • Teen thought he would die in attack

    By Rachel D’Oro
    Associated Press

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska  — The teens had been advised to play dead if they encountered a grizzly during their excursion in the Alaska wilderness.

    But with the massive, snarling bear suddenly looming over them, 17-year-old Sam Gottsegen of Denver and the other participants of a backcountry survival course did what so many others would have done: They ran.

  • In Brief - Cochiti Lake to remain closed

    From The Associated Press

    ALBUQUERQUE — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says it will likely be the middle of August before Cochiti Lake is reopened.

    The lake and surrounding recreation areas were shut down June 29 because of the Las Conchas fire. The threat now is from flooding and the potential for large debris to wash down from the mountains above the lake.

  • City Council nixes extension

    Concerns about illegal water taps tanked the proposed water line extension on Airport Road, bringing an end to three months of City Council debate on the controversial project that has divided city leaders.

    Thursday’s 3-1 vote against moving forward with the project followed passionate pleas from both Mayor Alfonso Ortiz and Councilman Andrew Feldman that the project was desperately needed for fire protection for a large part of the city and for the transfer station.

    Feldman cast the lone vote in favor of the project.

  • Most area schools fail to make AYP

    Optic staff and wire report

    Nearly 90 percent of New Mexico schools missed the latest targets for boosting student achievement, the Public Education Department reported Friday as it announced plans for replacing the federally mandated system for rating schools.

    No Las Vegas City Schools made AYP, not even Paul D. Henry, the only school in the district to have made AYP last year.

  • ‘Catch the Kid’ doings
  • Autopsy gives few answers in death

    The Office of the Medical Investigator was unable to determine a cause or manner of death for Maxine Patsy Trujillo, the 45-year-old woman whose remains were found in Mora County in February.

    Substantial portions of the body were missing due to animal scavenging, the report states. That, coupled with the decomposition that had already taken place when Trujillo’s remains were discovered on Feb. 14, limited the autopsy that was conducted.