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  • Correction - News Sept. 2, 2011

    Previous stories  in the Optic on the murder case against Ryan Garcia have erroneously reported Ralph Garcia’s relationship to the defendant. Ralph Garcia is Ryan Garcia’s father.

  • President Obama sets sights on speech

    By Jim Kuhnhenn
    The Associated Press

    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will a deliver rare address to a joint session of Congress next week to introduce a long-awaited plan for jobs and economic growth, but not before being forced to yield in a test of wills with House Speaker John Boehner over not what he would say, but when he would say it.

    Obama agreed to schedule his address on Sept. 8 after Boehner balked at the president's request for a Sept. 7 speech.

  • $1M in road fixes on the way

    At least 24 streets in Las Vegas are poised to get a makeover totaling $1 million over the next month.  

    But rather than reconstructing the roads, the city has contracted with an out-of-state company to repave the streets with the material that’s already there.

  • Charge tossed as trial nears

    Attorneys representing the man accused of killing a local postal carrier in late 2009 scored a significant victory Monday when the judge presiding over the case tossed one of the charges in the case.

  • Highlands receiving $100K grant

    Only about 34 of the 158 first-time, full-time Hispanic freshmen who enrolled at New Mexico Highlands University in the fall of 2004 walked away with a bachelor’s degree six years later.

    According to the latest Performance Effectiveness report submitted to state lawmakers in November, Highlands’ graduation rate for Hispanic students stood at 21.5 percent, compared to its overall six-year graduation rate of 18.9 percent.

  • Bear ends up on roof of house, killed

    Hungry black bears descending into the area have made their way into trash bins, backyards, and they’ve even taken over the city’s river walk in recent weeks. But climbing up a ladder and hopping on a roof?

    That’s what happened at a home near the intersection of Ninth and Baca Monday morning after city police cornered the bear in a backyard. But there was no fairy tale ending for the resourceful young bear, which had to be put down by the state Game and Fish Department.

  • Memorial service set for English prof

    By Margaret McKinney
    Highlands University

    A public memorial service for Gina Briefs-Elgin, a longtime New Mexico Highlands University English faculty member, will be held Friday.

    The memorial service is scheduled for 11 a.m. at Margaret Kennedy Alumni Hall, 905 University Ave. Light refreshments will be served.

  • Governor to seek road money in special session

    By Barry Massey
    The Associated Press

    SANTA FE — Gov. Susana Martinez's administration plans to ask the Legislature to provide $41 million for road maintenance across the state to help offset costs the Transportation Department incurred paying its share for the Rail Runner commuter train system.

    The Republican governor wants lawmakers to provide the money in a capital improvement financing bill during a special legislative session, which is to start next week.

  • Census: NM ranks 5th in proportion of gay couples

    By Russell Contreras
    The Associated Press

    New Mexico has the fifth-highest proportion of same-sex couples in the nation and over ten years has seen a 73 percent jump in households identifying as same-sex couples, according to a new analysis of census figures.

    The report said 9.8 out of every 1,000 New Mexico households are headed by same-sex couples with most located in the northern part of the state.

  • In Brief - News

    From The Associated Press

    Gov. pushing school proposal

    SANTA FE — Gov. Susana Martinez is finding out that nailing down a legislator’s support is a tricky assignment.

    The Republican governor announced Monday she’ll ask lawmakers in a special session next week to approve a measure to stop third-graders from moving to the fourth grade if they aren’t proficient in reading.