Local News

  • Official: East is overstaffed

    The Las Vegas City Schools is significantly overstaffed, a top official says.

    Superintendent Rick Romero said staffing is directly influenced by enrollment and program changes. Looking back to 2003, the superintendent said the district has lost a little over 130 students.

  • City, union sign off on contract

    The Las Vegas City Council last week approved an agreement with the city’s biggest union that means pay raises for members.

    City and union officials wouldn’t reveal how much more the union’s members would make, saying they would issue a joint press release.

    On Wednesday night, the council unanimously voted for the agreement  with the city’s chapter of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

    A day earlier, a majority of the union’s membership voted for the agreement.

  • Senator: Why not unite districts?

    Most local politicians have an unofficial rule: Avoid any talk about uniting the two local school districts.

    At least one of their counterparts in another part of the state doesn’t consider the subject politically untouchable.

  • Free dinner offered

    El Sombrero Restaurant is offering a free Thanksgiving dinner, as it has done for years.

    The meal will be served from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Thursday at the restaurant, 825 Mills Ave. The public is welcome. Takeout orders are available.  

    The restaurant hosts the dinner and receives help from volunteers throughout the community.

    For more information or to order a takeout meal, call 425-3705.

  • Two East employees on leave

    Two employees at Robertson High School have been placed on leave for “inappropriate” activities, the superintendent said Monday.

    Superintendent Rick Romero confirmed information that cheerleading coach Krystle King was placed on leave last week for allegations of “inappropriate behavior” and counselor Amadee Duran on suspicion of “inappropriate contact.”

  • Abreu contract talks to begin

    Next month could be a make-or-break one for West Las Vegas Superintendent Jim Abreu.

    December is when the school board is expected to negotiate Abreu’s annual contract. Last week, board member Caroline Lopez criticized the district’s administration during a meeting, saying that she believed that most of the points in a scath-ing state report about West were on target.

    The report accused the district of being top- heavy and lacking such things as a long-term capital projects master plan.

  • Mora panel lacks required resolution

    Some Mora County residents say the county hasn’t done a good enough job in notifying residents about public meetings.

    Anita Roybal, a resident who has been fighting the installation of a big propane tank in her Mora neighborhood, says the county didn’t keep her and her neighbors in the loop on meetings about the tank.

  • Mayor forms crime task force

    Las Vegas Mayor Tony Marquez is proposing the creation of a task force to identify the root causes of crime and recommend strategies to deal with them.

    The idea came soon after a man allegedly killed another in an apparent road-rage incident in central Las Vegas.

  • West now giving stations equal time

    The electronic board outside West Las Vegas High School has had a message in recent times: If you want to follow Dons sports action, listen to KNMX radio station.

    Indeed, KNMX plays West games. But then again, so does its rival, KFUN.

    So why not include both stations?

    West Superintendent Jim Abreu said he had no idea why the sign only included one station, adding that he hadn’t noticed it. But he said the district should give equal time to both. As such, he had the board changed to include both stations earlier this week.

  • Courthouse renovation completed

    The San Miguel County government is on the move — literally.

    This week, the offices of the county clerk, treasurer, assessor, planning and zoning, and finance have been moving back into the old county courthouse, which had been under renovation. These offices had been at the Mills Plaza the last few months.

    This week’s move may have meant some interruptions in services to citizens, County Manager Les Montoya said.