Local News

  • Rules on legal opinions debated

    The Las Vegas city attorney says that only a City Council majority or the city manager can request a legal opinion from the city attorney.  

    But the provision in the city Governing Body Rules of Procedure, which City Attorney Carlos Quiñones cited, never mentions that the city manager can request an opinion.

    Indeed, it refers only to supplemental opinions, which would come from a law firm other than the city attorney. It says nothing about legal opinions requested of the city attorney himself.

  • 16 wells reported dry near town

    Jack and Betty Thompson of Ojitos Frios have been without well water for more than two weeks. These days, they are relying on rainwater.

    And they aren’t alone. The latest count is 16 households without well water.

    Now residents are looking at options to have water trucked in. And a county commissioner is looking at ways to help.

  • Scrap metal an issue in Mora

    Mora County resident Joseph Weathers is in the business of making money off scrap metal. As such, he said he wants a fair shot at getting such material at the county’s transfer station.

    He said he and others have been able to get old refrigerators, appliances and other items at the station and take them to other places such as Colorado and make money from the scrap metal.

  • E-mails reveal a frustrated Feldman

    The beginning of the year was a turbulent time in city government: The city manager had just resigned without notice, most of the directors were new, and a political realignment was just about to happen.

    Last week, the Optic received more than 100 pages of e-mails involving a quorum of the City Council. For months, the city had refused to turn over these messages, but finally did after the recommendation of the state attorney general.

  • Subdivision approved after lengthy meeting

    The San Miguel County Commission this week gave a green light to a subdivision in Rowe.

    But during a more than two hour meeting on the issue, several commissioners wondered about the condition of the road that accesses the proposed development, known as Mesa Azul.

    Melvin Varela, owner of Anazasi MVJV, is proposing a 13-lot subdivision five miles southwest of Rowe, with each lot to be around one acre.

    Last month, the county Planning and Zoning Commission had recommended the commission approve the the subdivision’s preliminary plat.

  • Man crashes, charged with DWI

    A Las Vegas man was charged with drinking and driving after officers witnessed him get into an accident this week, state police said.

    Joshua A. Montoya, 21, was charged with DWI, his first such offense, and reckless driving.

    Around 7 p.m. Tuesday, state police officers noticed Montoya in a white pickup truck traveling north on N.M. Highway 518 near Sapello. He was allegedly swerving all over the road.

  • Chamber, hotelier in dispute

    A prominent local businessman is criticizing the Las Vegas-San Miguel Chamber of Commerce, saying its advertising strategy isn’t effective.

    In a letter to chamber President Matt Martinez, Wid Slick of the Plaza Hotel urged the chamber last month to buy a full-page advertisement in the New Mexico Magazine Vacation Guide. The publication would give the city visibility with 650,000 print copies and 2.5 million Internet hits, he said.

    Once the chamber puts tracking mechanisms on its web site, the guide will be the biggest source of leads, Slick said.

  • Assault charge thrown out

    Charges against a Las Vegas man have been dismissed in response to a legal motion alleging misconduct by the prosecution.

    Richard Encinias, 28, had been charged with assault with a deadly weapon, having allegedly veered his car toward that of Ben Bencomo in an attempt to run him off the road.

    The motion to dismiss specifies two areas of misconduct — vindictive prosecution and withholding of exculpatory evidence, which tends to disprove guilt.

  • Don Cecilio renovation ends

    Everything is brighter in the newly renovated classrooms at Don Cecilio Elementary School. The light reflects off the shiny wood floors, desks and faces of the children.

    Each classroom has what amounts to a wall of windows. Many rooms have indoor plants growing along the window ledges.

    Built as North Public, Don Cecilio was a well-built and sturdy structure, almost like a fortress. But after eight months of renovation, what was a dark, dank and depressing building has become a shinny, new and pleasant place of learning.    

  • Mora deputy trades shots with suspect

    A Mora County sheriff’s deputy exchanged gunfire with a suspect Friday night, and then the suspect rammed the deputy’s car head on, officials said.

    Mora County Sheriff Roy Cordova said a rookie deputy, David Cordova, along with state police officers, was responding to a report of domestic violence in Buena Vista. The deputy met up with the car driven by the suspect, Richard Sawyer, on N.M. Highway 518.