Local News

  • Activist uses pennies to make a statement

    A couple of sacks of pennies may not go far in paying off a debt with the city’s housing authority. But as far as local activist Lorenzo Flores is concerned, the coins can make a big point.

    At last week’s City Council meeting, Flores, who has long been active in housing issues, lashed out at council members Cruz Roybal and Morris Madrid, only referring to them by their initials.

  • Water rules stay in place

    The city plans to keep its water restrictions in place at least for a few more weeks, despite plentiful rainfall over the last few months.

    The City Council voted 3-2 in favor of the restrictions at its meeting last week, with Mayor Tony Marquez casting the tie-breaking vote.

    The Stage 1 restrictions limit residents to watering their lawns to two days a week and bar them from watering their cars outside their homes.

  • Board addresses appeal process

    The Las Vegas City Schools board met for an emergency meeting Friday to take action on the form of review for appeals from students placed on long-term suspensions for allegedly taking part in violent hazing at a Robertson High School football camp.

    Superintendent Rick Romero told the board that three of the four students were appealing their suspensions. The students are suspected of sodomizing other players with broomsticks.

    Two other suspects still have time to appeal.

  • UNM law students seek applicants

    The University of New Mexico School of Law’s Mexican-American Law Student Association is looking to increase applicants from Highlands University.

    Julia Mares, wife of former Las Vegas Police Chief Albert Mares, is a second-year law student and former Highlands student.

    “Highlands has so many bright and talented individuals, and I think the UNM School of Law needs to tap into that,” Mares said.

  • Ex-officials may sue city

    Four former city of Las Vegas officials have put the city on notice that they may sue over their ousters in June.

    The ex-officials — Housing Director Chris Barela, Finance Director Ann Marie Gallegos, Recreation Director Mark Loera and City Clerk CherylAnn Yara — filed their notice with the city Sept. 10.

    They were among six officials dismissed in late June. The action happened in the first months of Tony Marquez’s reign as mayor.

  • Lawyer: Mora has say-so over drilling

    Mora County has the say-so over oil and gas drilling on the thousands of acres of state trust lands within its boundaries, an environmental attorney says.

    In a recent letter, Bruce Frederick, an attorney with the Santa Fe-based New Mexico Environmental Law Center, contends that the county’s development guidance system can be used to regulate energy development. He sent his opinion to Drilling Mora County, which is fighting proposed oil and gas drilling.

  • 102-year-old keeps track of events

    Most people couldn’t keep up with Rosita Gallegos, a woman who is always on the go.

    When she’s not spending time with her family, she is busy with all kinds of activities, including her favorite pastime, which is reading.

    “I love to read and pray. I’m busy, busy, busy,” Gallegos said.

    And indeed she is. The 102-year-old keeps her mind sharp and remembers everything, including the names of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

  • Police: Man shoots at cop's residence

    A man was arrested after he allegedly fired shots in the direction of a state police officer’s house.

    Last Friday, an officer reported hearing shots around 6 a.m. near the house of Ronnie Cain, 43, 644 Bullhead Drive, in Conchas.

    Cain was later charged with aggravated assault upon a police officer with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault on a 6-year-old with a deadly weapon, methamphetamine possession and resisting officers.

  • Group asking Clinton to visit

    A group of local Democrats believe Hillary Clinton is the key to convincing residents to vote for Barack Obama for president.

    As such, they have formed Hillary Supporters for Obama, with the aim of getting the New York senator to speak locally to rally support for Obama.

    Clinton edged out Obama in the statewide caucus in February, but she won with more than 60 percent of the vote in San Miguel and Mora counties. She performed well among Hispanics.

  • City may have to make cuts

    In late July, city officials thought they were done drafting this year’s budget. Now it’s possible that the city may have to cut spending to meet state demands.

    The state Department of Finance and Administration has refused to approve the city’s final budget, which the City Council signed off on in late July.