Local News

  • Las Vegas may be at risk for hunger

    If national trends are an indication, Las Vegas may have more than its share of people without enough food.

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture, in its annual survey of food security, found that 11.9 million Americans suffered a substantial disruption in their food supply during the year, reflecting an increase of 40 percent since 2000.

    New Mexico was reported to be the second worst state in the nation for food insecurity, being beaten out only by Mississippi.

  • More construction on Ridgerunner

    Ridgerunner Road has plenty of government offices these days — including those for the Social Security Administration and the Division of Motor Vehicles.

    Yet another building is going up at the end of the street. The developer, Carlos Lopez, who owns Northern Builders, is constructing the building. Lopez said he plans to lease it to the state Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

    The division already has an office on the street. Lopez is not sure what will take the place of the division in its current office.

  • Officials leave City Council in dark

    For months, city staffers worked to change the purpose for more than $1 million designated for a water project.

    They kept a local developer in the loop. But no one apparently bothered to inform the City Council.

    A couple of years ago, the city obtained $1.2 million from the state Water Trust Board for a study to build pipes for the Storrie Project Water Users Association — to reduce the more than 40 percent loss in evaporation. In return, the association was expected to provide the city with more badly needed storage of water at Storrie Lake.

  • Unpaid bills discovered

    City officials say they are finding old unpaid bills in some unusual places, including desk drawers. And they contend the unexpected discoveries are having a big impact on this year’s budget.

    City Manager Sharon Caballero told the City Council on Wednesday that the city has paid $300,000 in old bills during this fiscal year, which began July 1. Some go back as far as 2006, but most are from 2007, she said.

    The bills come from different departments, Caballero said.

    “As employees have left, we have found bills in desk drawers,” Caballero said.

  • West launches cyber program

    West Las Vegas High School is using a new program called Education 2020 where students are asked to be independent learners.

    Officials say that E2020 provides instant recovery of lost instruction and raises student achievement across all grade levels.

  • Intent of state money explained

    The city tried to change the purpose of more than $1 million it received from the state — with the encouragement of a developer.

    City officials are now fearing that they may be losing the $1.2 million because of confusion over what the money was designated for.

  • Santa Fe resident named to regents

    A Santa Fe resident has been appointed to the Highlands University Board of Regents.

    Gov. Bill Richardson on Tuesday announced the selection of Pete Aguilar to replace Javier Gonzales.

    Aguilar start Jan. 1 and will serve the rest of Gonzales’ term, which ends on Dec. 31, 2010. Gonzales is leaving to become a member of the Board of Regents at New Mexico State University.

  • Council expected to select public housing director

    The Las Vegas City Council will consider hiring a new director for the local public housing authority. at its meeting Wednesday night.

    The council’s agenda states that the recommended candidate is Robert Pacheco, but it doesn’t indicate what his experience is.

    The position has been vacant since the summer when a council majority voted to let go the housing director and five other city directors.

    City officials have taken a go-slow approach to filling the six vacant positions, saying the city is benefitting from the savings in a tight budget year.

  • Officials announce DWI crackdown

    Police from Las Vegas and throughout New Mexico are giving drunken drivers fair warning as they announced their newest initiative.

    They are launching the kickoff of the Winter Enforcement Campaign and Holiday DWI Super blitz. Checkpoints and intense enforcement measures have already begun and will continue through Jan. 4, officials said.

  • Union questions local hospital

    Alta Vista Regional Hospital is quietly laying off members of a union and encouraging new employees not to join, a union leader says.

    Meanwhile, the hospital says it is pursuing its rights by seeking a court review of last year’s election. Officials said Alta Vista has no plans to negotiate pending the outcome of the review.

    Louie Rael, a registered nurse and a spokesman for the union, said that in the last couple of weeks, Alta Vista has let go six people — all of whom are union members.