Local News

  • Sex offender’s request rejected

    The attorney for a Mora County sex offender asked a state district judge this week to suspend the part of the offender’s sentence involving an alleged sex crime against a 4-year-old boy.

    After a court hearing that included a tearful speech by the boy’s mother, Judge Eugenio Mathis rejected the request.

    Last year, Clifford Gutierrez, 35, who had nine alleged victims, was sentenced to probation at the request of the victims’ families, instead of a prison term, which is more typical.

  • Old National residents tired of speeders

    Residents on Old National Road want San Miguel County to take action to prevent speeding and careless driving in their neighborhood.

    Officials said they are planning to deal with the problem.

    At last week’s County Commission meeting, residents reported that many drivers on Old National, which is on the north end of town, go well past the speed limit of 25 mph and don’t negotiate the curves well, knocking down mailboxes and fences.

    They also said it’s dangerous for students walking to nearby Memorial Middle School.

  • Biker, fiestas are this weekend

    Residents in both San Miguel and Mora counties should have plenty to do over the weekend.

    The fourth annual Rough Rider Motorcycle Rally will be held in the Meadow City, with most events at Plaza Park.

    And Mora will hold its annual fiesta in its central area. Villanueva has its fiesta planned as well.

    Today, Plaza Park opens for the bike rally, with entertainment and other activities throughout the weekend. The event has been getting bigger and bigger each year.

  • Luna plans charter school

    Las Vegas was left with only one charter school after Bridge Academy closed its doors last year.

    Last week, the Luna Community College Board of Trustees ap-proved a new charter schools.

    But one board member raised concerns about the idea.

    Pending approval of the state Public Education Department, the Luna Community College Charter Academy will join Rio Gallinas School as an alternative to traditional high schools in the area.

    The college’s trustees voted unanimously to approve the use of its facilities for the new charter school.

  • Group plans downtown mural

    At one time, the city was planning to build a new City Hall where the Safeway store once stood. At one point, the city posted a schedule for the project on the lot’s north concrete wall.

    But the city fell way behind schedule, so the posting was removed.

    These days, the new City Hall is no longer a priority. But the concrete wall remains, which some consider an eyesore.

  • Ex-official sues city, mayor

    A former city utilities director is suing the city and Mayor Tony Marquez, contending that he was wrongfully terminated and deprived of his civil rights.

    George DuFour, who remains unemployed, filed the lawsuit in state District Court in Las Vegas on Friday.

    City Manager Timothy Dodge said Monday that he has asked the mayor and the City Council not to comment on pending litigation. He said the city hadn’t yet been served with DuFour’s lawsuit.

  • County seeks plan for the Valley

    SAN MIGUEL — Most people attending a meeting in the Valley this week agreed on at least one thing  — the importance of agriculture to their area.

    Nearly 50 people showed up at a public hearing organized by the San Miguel County government to get public feedback on the development of a comprehensive plan that is specific to the Valley.

    The county drafted a comprehensive plan in 2004, but it didn’t address specific areas.

  • State to evaluate districts

    The West and East school districts have been selected for a statewide study to help schools run better.

    Last week, an official with the Legislative Finance Committee told the West Las Vegas school board at a regular meeting that a program evaluation study of the district will have a big footprint, focusing on just about everything, including how the board itself conducts business.

    LFC program evaluation manager Charles Sallee said the evaluations will identify opportunities for improving district management, use of resources, and student performance.

  • Gay club says it got good response

    Members of the Las Vegas-based New Mexico Rainbow Club wanted to try something that no one could remember happening before — having a gay and lesbian float in the Fiestas parade.

    So they did. And the community’s reaction was generally good, members said.

    The club is a loosely knit social group of gays and lesbians and their supporters, and it has been holding monthly potlucks. But member Kathy Gould said the group is becoming more rights-oriented.

  • Judge rejects sex offender's request

    The attorney for a Mora County sex offender asked a state district judge on Tuesday to suspend the part of his sentence involving alleged crimes against a small boy.

    After a court hearing that included a tearful speech by the boy's mother, Judge Eugenio Mathis rejected the request.

    Last year, Clifford Gutierrez, 35, was sentenced to probation at the request of the victims' families, instead of a prison sentence, which is more typical.