Local News

  • Leger defends school district

    Outgoing Las Vegas City Schools board member Philip Leger told a large audience attending Tuesday’s meeting that there have been a lot of success in the district during his tenure.

    Leger, who lost to Gabe Lucero in the Feb. 3  election, also pointed out that Robertson High School was far from down and out as he took a parting shot at the news media.

  • County is not alone in violation of tax law

    San Miguel County is hardly alone when it comes to problems in its compliance with a state law dating back to 1991, an official says.

    County Treasurer Alfonso Ortiz told the County Commission last week that the state Department of Taxation and Revenue told him that only two counties were in compliance with the law in question.

    “I felt a little bit better when I heard that, but we should have caught it,” he said.

    He said that he has read the state law repeatedly, but it’s still open to interpretation.

  • Students get dates at event

    You could say the Lambda Kappa Psi bachelor-bachelorette charity auction was a bit of a stimulus package for local restaurants. And it was definitely entertaining for the crowd as laughter could be heard coming from atrium of the Plaza Hotel where the event was held.

    Sorority founder and president Jeannie Montoya said the purpose of last week’s auction was to raise money for their continuing community service and campus life festivities. Winning bidders received dinners for two at an area restaurant.  

  • City is looking at water proposals

    The city is examining proposals for the purchase of wells and groundwater rights to expand local water supplies, officials said.

    The city had issued a request for proposals, and the proposals were due Feb. 2.

    “We are constantly looking into ways to increase the water supply for our residents,” Las Vegas Mayor Tony E. Marquez Jr. said. “The proposals look like they will help us bring additional water to the city.”

  • Luna seeking tax increase

    Luna Community College is pushing a property tax increase that officials say will pay for improvements to buildings. The hike must be approved by voters.

    If it passes, it would mean a nearly $53 annual increase in the property tax bill for an owner of a $100,000 house.

    The election on the tax increase is March 3.

  • Treasurer's office closes

    The San Miguel County treasurer's office closed around 10:30 a.m. today because of dust created by a construction project in the county courthouse, Treasurer Alfonso Ortiz announced. The office is expected to be closed for the rest of the day.

    He said his office is taking notes of the health effects that employees believe are caused by the project.

    Last week, County Manager Les Montoya told the County Commission that he would allow supervisors to close their offices if the dust and noise from the renovation project became bearable.

  • Mayor to present two finalists

    Mayor Tony Marquez said there is a “remote possibility” that the City Council may choose a new city manager at its meeting this week.

    But he said he wants the city’s recruitment firm, Mercer Group, to spend some time on background checks of the five finalists for the position. He said he learned from his experience last year when a search committee came up with a finalist who was later discovered to have a problem with his resume.

  • State stocks river with trout

    On Monday afternoon, a few Highlands University students saw something interesting happening along the Gallinas River. And true to their generation, they texted the information to others.

    The news: The state was putting rainbow trout in the river.

    As part of a pilot project, the state Game and Fish Department put 400 trout into the river — the average length being 13 inches. It was the first time in years the state has stocked the river in town with trout.

  • Candidate says signs are stolen

    Tony Valdez, a candidate for the Luna Community College Board of Trustees, said last week that three of his campaign signs had been stolen in recent days — one on El Llano Road and two on Hot Springs Boulevard.

    He said he got the permission of the owners to place his signs in those places.

    “I spoke to the owners, and they’re very upset because people have no right to come onto their properties,” Valdez said. “I pay a lot of money for my signs.”

  • Garcia doesn’t show at his party

    It was to be Ralph Garcia’s last meeting as a West Las Vegas school board member after nearly three decades of service.

    Last week, a cake with his name and punch were available to celebrate the service of the outgoing member, who leaves at the end of the month.

    A plaque was to be presented in his honor.

    Guess who didn’t show up to the meeting.

    Ralph Garcia.

    But all was not lost. There were more than a dozen people in the audience to enjoy the refreshments.