Local News

  • Firm closing its doors for now

    Las Vegas’ remaining call center expects to close at month’s end, with company representatives hoping it will only be temporary.

    The latest announcement has been just another example of Las Vegas’ years-long roller-coaster ride with call centers.

    The Results-Las Vegas call center now employs 40 people, half what it had in late April.

    Carole Gonynor, Results’ human resources manager, said the center’s parent company hopes to find more clients so the center can stay in operation. She said the center is losing its three clients.

  • Students reflect on school year

    It’s an age-old tradition — one in which both Dons and Cardinals took part last week at their schools: They scrawled messages in each other’s yearbooks.

    It was also a time to reflect on the last school year.

    West Las Vegas High School student body President Christa Lucero said, “Last year when I decided to run for president, I told myself that we were going to make sure this year was a year to remember.”

    And indeed the West Las Vegas class of 2009 had many successes — they were champions in academics, music and sports.

  • Two City Council members seek film moratorium

    Two Las Vegas City Council members are calling for a moratorium on local movie projects until the city can change its ordinance dealing with such issues.

    They were responding to Old Town merchant Leith Johnson, who presented a petition from business people in Las Vegas’ commercial districts who are asking for additional rules placed on filming.

    Merchants are particularly irritated about the prospect of a movie production taking place during Heritage Week, which lasts from July 28 to Aug. 2 and features events celebrating local history.

  • Man gets 10 years in sex crimes case

    A man found guilty of a sex crime has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

    Jerry Lucero, 54, 505 Blanchard St., must also register as a sex offender for the rest of his life, according to District Court documents. He was found guilty by a jury on one count of criminal sexual contact of a minor.

    According to a state police report, a 7-year-old girl told her mother that Lucero had touched her private parts in September 2007 in a residence in the 400 block of Mountain View Drive. The mother reportedly called police right away.

  • Activists plan forum on police

    Local activists are planning a public forum on alleged police misconduct.

    They event is being organized by Pat Leahan of the Las Vegas Peace and Justice Center, Steve Flores of the Northern New Mexico Hispano Coalition and activist Lorenzo Flores. They all spoke on KNMX last week about the forum.

    The forum is set for 1-3 p.m. Saturday at the VFW hall on Mills Avenue.

    Steve Flores said incidents of police misconduct in Las Vegas are on the rise.

  • Residents seek strict turbine rules

    Dozens of Bernal-area residents showed up at this week’s County Commission meeting to seek tougher restrictions for wind farms.

    They are responding to an effort by Chicago-based Invenergy to put up wind turbines in their area.

    The company has yet to submit an application to the county, but it has signed a two-year option on more than 7,000 acres of state trust land atop the mesa for the turbines.

    Residents say they’re concerned about the unsightliness of the turbines, the noise and the effects on wildlife.

  • West opposes two-lane Grand

    West Las Vegas is voicing its concern about the possibility of Grand Avenue becoming two lanes.  

    West Las Vegas school board Chairman Kenny Lujan said he, along with fellow board members, asked Superintendent Jim Abreu to draft a letter to Mayor Tony Marquez and the City Council declaring that the board is in favor of keeping Grand Avenue a four-lane street.

  • Men face dog-fighting charges

    Two Las Vegas men are accused of arranging dog fights, and one dog owner reported that she came home to see her pet injured.

    Phil Juarez, 36, 1028 Railroad Ave., and Ramon Herrera, 23, Lakeside Trailer Court, Space 39, were arrested on charges of dog fighting and conspiracy.

    A state official says this is only the third criminal case involving dog-fighting since the law against the practice was enacted nearly three decades ago.

  • Hail bombards Las Vegas

    Marble-sized hail bombarded Las Vegas for more than a half hour Wednesday afternoon. At least three inches of hail accumulated on city streets and sidewalks in New Town.  It's likely that gardens and farms have suffered severe damage as a result of the storm. As hail fell, leaves on trees could be seen going down as well. It piled up on the Plaza like a snowstorm.

    The city plowed local streets covered in hail.

  • Luna expands tech, science programs

    Luna Community College is making a major expansion in its science, math, technology and engineering programs.

    The school is adding degree programs in alternative and sustainable energy, life science, physical science, mathematics, video game design and development, and general engineering. All of them have been approved by the college’s Board of Trustees and the state Higher Education Department.

    Officials say they have designed the programs to make them transferable to Highlands University and other four-year schools. The programs will start by the fall.