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  • How quickly life changes

    By Jill McGlaughlin, The Los Alamos Monittor

    WHITE ROCK — Ronald “Ronnie” Swartz usually didn’t fill up his truck’s gas tank in Los Alamos before heading home to Las Vegas.

    But on Feb. 5, he had plans to help his cousin after work.

    At lunchtime, the union plumber stopped at the White Rock Giant gas station on Rover Boulevard to get some gas.

    That decision put Swartz, 56, in the narrow path of a flying rock that struck him in the head, taking his life.

  • Jail Log, Sunday's Optic, March 4, 2018

    The following individuals were booked into the San Miguel County Detention Center between Feb. 20 and March 1, 2018:

    Dominic Montoya, Bench Warrant, Adult Probation / San Miguel Magistrate Court.

    Juan Martinez-Sandoval, Felony Warrant, San Miguel District Court.
    Lance G. Madrid, Bench Warrant, San Miguel Magistrate Court.
    Deion Pettiford, Felony Warrant, San Miguel District Court.
    Richard F. Varela, Aggravated Assault, San Miguel Magistrate Court.
    Nicole Gallegos-Aragon, Bench Warrant, Valencia County Adult Probation.

  • Memorial Middle School, 2017-18 grading period 2 Honor Roll

    Eighth Grade
    Aragon, Michaelangelo
    Archuleta, Johnny P
    Archuleta, Marisa Lorena
    Arguello, Kaitlin A
    Baca, Isaiah J
    Baca, Kay-Lee A
    Baca, Lainey
    Baldy, Carl I
    Bustamante, Amanda A
    Cambron, Ambrosgio P
    Cummings, Simon H
    Deniz, Kevin Alexis
    Dominguez, Aisha R
    Encinias, Amanda J
    Estrada, Isiah J
    Fulgenzi, Nico Dean
    Gallegos, Angelica Marisol
    Gallegos, Rico F
    Garcia, Michael D
    Garcia, Stella M

  • Luis E. Armijo Elementary Jan. 2018 Students of the Month

    Here are the Luis E. Armijo Elementary students of the month for January 2018.

    They are Kristi Martinez, Danny Provencio, Alia Kimah and Mari Jo Montoya, Makayla Chavez, Coby Coca, Julian Pacheco, Mikaela Montoya and Jacelyn Codova.

  • El Valle Collaborative hosts healthcare co-op

    Las Vegas Optic reports

    RIBERA —January 18, 2018 - As the rural northeast counties of New Mexico continue to experience provider shortages and the future of prenatal care remains uncertain for cities like Las Vegas, one local non-profit has set its focus on a cooperative model for rural healthcare delivery.

    The El Valle Women’s Collaborative began in 2012 with the vision that they could enhance the lives of families in the Pecos River Valley through projects that support economic development, health and wellness.

  • Looking for Love’s?

    One can drive on north Grand Avenue and see the weathered Inn of Las Vegas sign towering above the heavy construction equipment scraping earth and moving it about to reshape the desert landscape into an approximately 8,000-square-foot Love’s Travel Stop & Country Store.

    It’s what most people may call Love’s Truck Stop, and it’s coming to Las Vegas.

    Love’s media relations specialist, Kealey Dorian, said the company plans opening the store early this summer.

  • Dam (improvements) authentic

    Submitted to the Optic

    The City of Las Vegas held a groundbreaking ceremony for the renovation of Bradner Reservoir on Jan. 25.

    Bradner Reservoir has rarely been used by the city for potable water. When completed, the renovation will add roughly 300 acre-feet of usable water storage to the city’s existing capacity.

  • Project aims to make earth science more approachable

    By Sean Weaver, N.M. Highlands University

    The general public may more easily understand complex earth science processes thanks to the work of a Highlands researcher and his colleagues around the globe.

    Highlands geology professor Michael Petronis, along with 17 earth scientists from Europe, the Americas, Africa and Oceana, published an article in the December issue of the journal Global and Planetary Change, outlining a proposal to create universal visual graphics to help simplify earth science concepts.

  • Still no suspects, arrests in Jan. 21 homicide

    As of Optic press time Friday, no arrests have been made and no suspects have been named publicly in a Jan. 21 homicide that occurred at a residence in Las Vegas.

  • Gov. Martinez vetoes pay raise for successor

    By Morgan Lee, Associated Press

    SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez on Wednesday vetoed a proposed 10 percent pay raise for statewide elected officials — including her successor — as well as utility regulators.

    In a written veto message, the second term Republican chastised the Legislature for choosing pay raises for politicians over sound fiscal policy and legislation that supports a healthy state economy.

    The raises would have increased state spending by about $135,000 a year, beginning in 2019.