Local News

  • Bridge school prepares for its closure

    With less than four months before the end of the school year, Bridge Academy is preparing to shut down for good.

    “I don’t know if the City Schools has ever been involved in the closing of a school, but for me it’s a very significant issue. I’m proud to be a part of it — it wasn’t very pleasant at first, but it’s something that has to be done,” Ruben Cordova, the academy’s director, told the Las Vegas City Schools board last week.

    In November, the board rejected Bridge’s charter.

  • Council looks at home program

    In its last meeting before next week’s election, the City Council on Wednesday looked at the progress of the housing authority’s homeownership program.

    Councilman Macario Gonzalez said the city has waited years for the start of the homeownership program, urging the city to do what it could to launch it.

  • City election a sign of the times

    A walk down Seventh Street offers more political posters per mile than any other road in Las Vegas the week before Tuesday’s election.

    Seventh Street is ground zero for the hotly contested Ward 3 City Council position, with five candidates in the race, Joey Herrera, Andrew Feldman, Henry A. Sanchez, Luis Ortiz and Max Trujillo.

  • Vegas man accused in police chase

    An alleged drunken driver led state police officer Marco Oviedo on a chase through Las Vegas and then outside city limits, officials said.

    Daniel E. Herrera, 33, of Las Vegas was charged with DWI, aggravated fleeing, driving with a suspended or revoked license, resisting or obstructing an officer and reckless driving.

  • Manager wants to consider credits

    Interim City Manager Elmer Martinez on Wednesday recommended that the city ask its consultant to investigate whether giving a credit to natural gas customers is warranted.

    With the mayor and City Council’s approval, Martinez said Dennis Gee, the utility rate consultant, will be asked to specifically review the months after the city’s natural gas utility erased a deficit and look at the possibility of giving customers credits.

  • National beef recall affects Vegas

    The nationwide meat recall has hit home. The Las Vegas City Schools reported that it has had to pull meat because of the recall.

    Recently, Westland / Hallmark Meat Co. had recalled meat after the U.S. Department of Agriculture said the company’s raw and frozen beef products might contain foreign material and non-microbial contamination

    Sierra Vista Elementary Principal Manuel Lucero told the City Schools board last week that food service director Patricia Baca received an e-mail concerning the recall from the Chino, Calif., company.

  • "High volume" of pot plants found

    A foul odor coming from a house on Airport Road was suspected to be that of a dead person.

    But no bodies were found.

    Instead, state police said they discovered many marijuana plants in the house at 827 Airport Road.

    Mario Perez, 23, was arrested on charges of distributing marijuana.

  • Choir to join in first statewide event

    The West Las High School honors choir will compete in the first-ever New Mexico State Choir Contest in Albuquerque on Friday.

    Under the direction of Arnell David Arellanes, the choir will perform for a national panel of judges as part of a two-day event. Twenty-four other choirs from the state will also compete for state honors.

  • Agency may seek housing gas refund

    A federal agency says it may have the local housing authority request a refund on its natural gas bills for previous overcharges by the city.

    Patricia Campbell, a spokeswoman with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, said Tuesday that her agency would have to first look at an independent auditor’s report on the city’s natural gas rates.

    She said that based on her agency’s information so far, it would have the housing authority seek a refund from the city’s natural gas utility.

  • DA to city: Credit customers

    District Attorney Richard Flores this morning urged the city of Las Vegas to credit its customers for some of the time they were overcharged for natural gas.

    In a news release this morning, Flores said he has found no criminality in the city’s handling of its natural gas ordinance. However, he said he is concerned with the city’s “non-action” on the issue.