Local News

  • Council approves building for retail

    The Las Vegas City Council on Wednesday approved a zone change for a commercial building near Seventh Street, but the city is requiring the developer make a few changes to the plans to minimize the impacts on nearby residents.

    Carlos Lopez of Ribera asked the city to change 604 Airway Road, which is just off Seventh, from residential to commercial. He plans to build a 4,300-square-foot retail commercial building as an extension of the Shoes n Boots-Sprint building, which is at 1604 Seventh.

  • Citizens can act as prosecutors

    Private citizens can file criminal complaints against others without the district attorney’s involvement, but a Las Vegas prosecutor says people should think twice before taking that route.

    Chief Deputy District Attorney Joe Ulibarri said it may seem appealing at first to file such a case, but it’s hard for private citizens to win because they have to know all of the court’s procedures.

    “They don’t realize they’re becoming the district attorney in such cases,” he said. “They are held to the same standards of a lawyer.”

  • Groups help man clean up house

    A grateful Patrick Arguello said he was touched by the kindness shown him by members of three organizations who helped him clean his home after a faulty heater caused smoke damage and nearly sparked a fire that could have left him homeless.

    “I certainly had a lot of help, and I really appreciate it. I’m indebted to them because they actually made me come to my senses because there for a while I was giving up on cleaning, but now that this happened, their kindness touched my heart and made me feel really, really good,” Arguello said.

  • City rejects resident's appeal of cleanup order

    It’s a script that never seems to change: The City Council tells resident Tony Ortega to clean up one of his properties, and he threatens to take the matter to court.

    On Wednesday, the council considered an appeal from Ortega, who is fighting a city order to clean up his property at 135 Railroad Ave.

  • Council delays skating pond proposal

    Several City Council members on Wednesday favored a proposal to give city land containing the Montezuma skating pond to the state for the purpose of creating a state park. But they delayed taking action in the matter.

    For months, Las Vegas officials have been considering handing the 50-acre property over to the state because officials said the city doesn’t have the money to improve the pond. As recently as the early 1990s, the pond was a popular attraction during the winter. With a buildup of sediment over the years, the pond is no longer considered a good place to skate.

  • Fifth-graders go on trip to Storrie

    Fifth-graders at Tony Serna Elementary spent the day fishing and having fun at Storrie Lake Wednesday as part of a science project sponsored by the Department of Game and Fish.

    Ti Piper, fishing clinic coordinator with New Mexico Game and Fish, said, “The department gets money from people who boat and fish and spend some of that getting young people fishing. We did geology, biology, mapping and caught fish today.”

    Before taking the field trip, the students learned how to use equipment used by scientists to explore the physical world.

  • Support for candidate at issue

    The selection of the Democratic nominee for northern New Mexico’s congressman should reflect the will of the people, not justBy David Giuliani

    Las Vegas Optic

    The selection of the Democratic nominee for northern New Mexico’s congressman should reflect the will of the people, not just the political establishment, says Javier Gonzales, who decided this week against running for the office.

  • Without warning, building destroyed

    Now, there’s even more rubble.

    Without warning, the owner of the property at Lincoln and Grand Avenues took down a building next to the already-collapsed Center Block building on Sunday.

    The west wall of the Center Block collapsed in a rainstorm on Aug. 3, 2006, with then-owner Jerry Williams hiring a contractor to knock down the rest of the building that same night out of fear that the rest would fall down.

  • State police take on seatbelt violators

    The flashing lights on police cars could be seen up and down Seventh Street on Friday night.

    The state police spent several hours stopping drivers for not wearing their seatbelts.

    State police Lt. Craig Martin said up to eight officers were on hand for an operation to crack down on seatbelt violators. He said 60 citations were issued, most but not all of which were for seatbelt violations.

  • West choir, band full of all-staters

    The West Las Vegas choir and band, under the direction of Arnell David Arellanes, had more students make All-State this year than in any year in West Las Vegas history.

    They’ll perform at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 11, at Ilfeld Auditorium.

    “The number of students making All-State is growing every year,” Arellanes said.