Local News

  • Residents wait long time for rollouts

    For each of the last three months, Felipe Gallegos has received a city solid waste bill of $12, the normal rate for residential customers.

    The bills have arrived right on time, but there’s been a problem most of the time: Gallegos wasn’t receiving service.

    Most new solid waste customers find they must wait weeks and even months to get rollout containers, as has been the case with Gallegos.

  • District to sell two portables

    The West Las Vegas board Monday approved the sale of two portable classrooms that would have cost more than $100,000 each to bring up to code, officials said.

    Superintendent Jim Abreu told the board the portables are no longer functional and are being used for storage. He said the Public Schools Finance Authority has offered to buy the two portables for $15,000.

    “The portables are not usable. If they don’t meet code, we shouldn’t be in there and they are also taking up space. PSFA is interested and they are willing to buy them from us,” he said.

  • Students moved out of classrooms

    Don’t expect to see students at Union Elementary School in their classrooms.

    Most of the children have been in the cafeteria, the computer lab or the library for the last week because of a broken heating system, officials said Tuesday.

    West Las Vegas Superintendent Jim Abreu said the school has heating at both ends of its building, but because of a broken part in the heater, the middle of the building, where the classrooms are, is without heat. The school has been dealing with the problem for the last couple of weeks, he said.

  • Man accused of defrauding residents out of thousands

    A Las Vegas man has defrauded at least five residents out of thousands of dollars on the promise that he would repair their roofs or do other construction work, court documents state.

    But after getting the money, the suspect, Mario Mendoza, either hasn’t started the work or did very little, according to documents filed in Magistrate Court on Nov. 1. And the victims told authorities that they couldn’t reach Mendoza by phone or find him at his listed address.

  • Handling of sex cases questioned

    Relatives of victims in two different sex crimes cases wonder why it’s taking so long to prosecute the suspects. And they question why the alleged offenders aren’t in jail while awaiting trial.

    However, an official from the district attorney’s office said it takes time to investigate such cases as they go through the judicial process.

  • Principal: Parents like immersion classes

    Los Nios Elementary students are excelling at their studies, school officials say. And the children continue to do well in the adequate yearly progress test as more parents request additional classes in the city’s lone immersion program, the officials say.

  • Heaters broken at high school

    West Las Vegas schools have had an ongoing issue with broken heaters and water pipes for years.

    Superintendent Jim Abreu is now saying enough is enough and wants the problems fixed once and for all.

    At almost every school board meeting, principals from the elementary, middle and high schools have shared their frustration with cold classrooms, malfunctioning heaters and broken water pipes.

    Abreu, who started as superintendent in the summer, said that since the high school was built five or six years ago, broken water pipes and heating have been constant problems.

  • Local businessman merges his three newspapers

    A local businessman has merged his newspapers in Las Vegas, Mora and Santa Rosa.

    Chris Lopez, owner of the Las Vegas Times, the Mora Times and the Santa Rosa News, made the announcement in the Friday edition of his new combined paper, the Tri-County News-Times.

    He started the Las Vegas Times in June 2006 with the stated intent of providing residents with a “non-biased” news source. A few months later, he started the Mora Times and bought the Santa Rosa News.

  • Las Vegas man dies in accident

    A 76-year-old man from Las Vegas was killed when he lost control of his pickup truck, slid across Interstate 25 and collided with a semi-truck near Santa Fe last week, an official said this morning.

    Joe Armijo, who taken to St. Vincent Hospital, was pronounced dead shortly after the accident, which occurred at 8:15 a.m. Friday, said Capt. Robert Riggs of the San Fe County Sheriff’s Department.

  • Man is facing fraud charges

    From the Las Vegas Optic

    Local authorities have apprehended a man on charges of fraud and doing construction work without a license.

    Mario Mendoza, 50, was recently arrested by the Las Vegas police and charged in San Miguel Magistrate Court with three counts of fraud, each a third-degree felony punishable by up to three years with the state Department of Correction, a $5,000 fine or both, according to a press release from the district attorney’s office.