Local News

  • Health service offered for students

    The Las Vegas City Schools checks children suffering from asthma as part of its health program.

    The Las Vegas City Schools district has been holding an asthma fair for the past seven years at the Cardinal School-based Health Care Center at Sierra Vista Elementary for children who have been diagnosed with a disease that can be brought under control with the proper treatments.

  • 5-member council idea pushed

    Las Vegas City Council members Cruz Roybal and Morris Madrid strongly supported the initiative in 2005 to reduce the council from eight members to four.

    Nearly 90 percent of voters passed the measure during a special election that year. Now both Roybal and Madrid said the city may want to consider upping the number to five.

    The idea came up during a discussion last week on the formation of a commission to make significant changes to the nearly 40-year-old charter, which serves as the city’s constitution.

  • Birds make home at refuge

    The snow may have melted in Las Vegas, but snow geese are still blanketing the Las Vegas Wildlife National Refuge.

    An estimated 4,000 geese (Canada and snow geese) are using the refuge as a winter home.  

    The geese feed in crop fields that are planted by the refuge’s staff for the geese’s benefit.

  • Officials look into charging coaches

    The local district attorney is looking into whether Robertson High School’s then-football coaches should be charged for failing to report to law enforcement alleged sexual assaults during a camp last August.

    District Attorney Richard Flores will likely have to determine whether the head coach, Ray Woods, told about the alleged assaults to his superior, Athletic Director Mike Yara. And the prosecutor may then examine whether Yara rejected the idea of immediately calling law enforcement.

  • Principal, teacher face sex allegations

    A former Robertson High School student is alleging that a teacher sexually abused her for five years, and a woman is accusing Robertson Principal Rick Lopez of harassing her when she was applying for a job.

    Santa Fe attorney Merit Bennett is representing the alleged victims in the matters involving the alleged misconduct of Principal Rick Lopez and teacher Jay Quintana.

    City Schools Superintendent Rick Romero said Thursday that he has referred the cases to the Las Vegas Police Department.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Teacher, principal on leave because of alleged sexual misconduct, official says

    Las Vegas City Schools Superintendent Rick Romero confirmed Thursday that he made the decisions to put a principal and a teacher on leave because of allegations of sexual misconduct.

    Romero also said he turned the cases over to the Las Vegas Police Department, which will conduct its own investigations into the charges.

    "It's not our place to determine what's criminal and what's not. That's law enforcement's job," Romero said. "We're taking this seriously."

  • Las Vegas still goes without city clerk

    On Jan. 21, the City Council approved the recommendation to hire Jeanne-Marie Crockett as the new city clerk.

    She was in attendance during that meeting, but shortly after, she decided not to take the job.

    In an interview this week, Crockett said there was a difference between the salary amount she was given during the interview process and what she was informed in writing. As such, Crockett, who works at Santa Fe Community College, didn’t accept the offer. She wouldn’t say what the varying amounts were.

  • Refuge officials report illegal dumping problem

    The Las Vegas National Wildlife Refuge has come under recent attack from litterbugs and illegal dumpers, officials say.

    A large projection screen television was dumped near the entrance to the visitor center and office of the refuge on Jan. 27. The excitement and awe-inspiring views of sandhill cranes and Canada geese flying over the visitor center and the Quintana Overlook is diluted when visitors are faced with the signs of abuse to their refuge, officials said.

  • City fires utilities director

    Utilities Director George Du Four’s car broke down on the way from Albuquerque, so he couldn’t make it to Wednesday’s City Council to argue against his firing.

    A councilman supporting Du Four pleaded for a delay — to no avail. By a 3-2 vote, the council fired the director.

    After a week and a half of secrecy, Mayor Tony Marquez finally revealed the reason why he wanted to let Du Four go: He contended the director had adjusted customer accounts in violation of city ordinance.

    No details were given.

  • Sporting goods store opens doors

    National sporting goods retailer Hibbett Sports has opened its newest store in Las Vegas.

    The new Hibbett Sports store opened at 2500 Seventh St. in Las Vegas on Friday and will employ eight full- and part-time team members.

    Announcing the opening, Mickey Newsome, chief executive officer of Hibbett Sports, said, “Las Vegas is another great market for Hibbett Sports. We think Hibbett Sports will be a great addition to Las Vegas. We believe this convenient new location is a win-win for Hibbett Sports and the Las Vegas community.”