The photograph depicts a persistent cowboy on his head still holding on to a rope as he is about to get tangled with another rider. The photo is believed to have been taken during the early years of the Cowboys Reunion and appears in both the Shoemaker family collection and the Dorothy Fell Sahula-Dycke collection.
Centennial Celebration - Parade to feature 200+ horses

Get your boots ready, folks! It’s time for the Cowboys Reunion Centennial Celebration. After a 48-year hiatus, the reunion will once again take center stage in Las Vegas, thanks to Ron and Elaine Querry.

As in years past, festivities will include a parade and a rodeo. This year’s reunion celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first Cowboys Reunion. The last Cowboys Reunion was held in 1967.

It wasn’t quite a 52-year run because the reunions were put on hold during the Great Depression.