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  • Sheriff criticizes county official

    San Miguel County Sheriff Benjie Vigil contends the county government isn’t giving his department the resources it needs. And he said that’s largely because the county manager controls the County Commission.

    The sheriff went public with his criticism of County Manager Les Montoya after the commission decided last week against Vigil’s request for high-voltage stun guns for his deputies.

  • LV athletes win four state track titles on day one




    Las Vegas athletes won four state championships in individual events Friday, day one of the two-day Class 3A state track and field championships hosted by the University of New Mexico.

    West Las Vegas' Chris Ellis-Phillips regained the state title in the high jump with a leap of 6-2, two inches better than Lovington's Saul Guevara, the runner-up.

  • State loosens scrutiny at West

    Nearly three years ago, the state put the West Las Vegas school district on a tight leash financially. But in recent times, the scrutiny has been loosened.

    The state Public Education Department placed the district under heightened financial scrutiny in August 2006 in response to information that West’s bilingual department held an invitation-only, adults-only nearly $10,000 party. And it was discovered that the program spent money on top-of-the-line furniture and a large refrigerator, among other items.

  • SENIOR PROFILE: A woman’s lifelong balancing act

    For Gerda Zimmermann, born in Germany in 1927 and raised in Hamburg from the age of 3, World War II hit hard, as fire-bombs exploded the world of her early teens.

    “Life changed drastically,” the Las Vegas resident recalled, saying that the devastation transformed “children into workers, boys into soldiers ... so life was always work, work, work. The Nazis put us to work when there were air raids. We had to find places or even dig ditches for children to take cover. We had to go to the train stations to help refugees, feed them, carry their baggage.

  • Student inquiries increase at HU

    Inquiries from prospective Highlands University students have increased 60 percent in academic year 2008-09, compared to those in 2007-08.  

  • Ex-county clerk goes back to old office

    San Miguel County Clerk Paul Maez left office on Dec. 31, but he already has a new job — in the same place he has worked the last eight years.

    Last week, the County Commission voted for County Clerk Melanie Rivera’s recommendation to hire her former boss to become supervisor of the office’s elections bureau, the job she held until becoming county clerk nearly three weeks ago.

    Maez will take only a slight reduction in pay. He used to make $50,000 a year as county clerk, but now he will make $46,173.

  • Firm closing its doors for now

    Las Vegas’ remaining call center expects to close at month’s end, with company representatives hoping it will only be temporary.

    The latest announcement has been just another example of Las Vegas’ years-long roller-coaster ride with call centers.

    The Results-Las Vegas call center now employs 40 people, half what it had in late April.

    Carole Gonynor, Results’ human resources manager, said the center’s parent company hopes to find more clients so the center can stay in operation. She said the center is losing its three clients.

  • LETTER: Runaway well cared for here

    We have a 17-year-old boy who ran away recently. He was picked up by your police department in Las Vegas, N.M. He wanted to come home, and the police department helped get him back to us safely. We are very grateful to all who helped in this and wish to thank someone. That was a very hard time waiting, but the way (you handled it) and the contact we had with Las Vegas PD was so helpful. Thank your city for this.

    Pat Harris

    West Monroe, La.

  • EDITORIAL: Thumbs

    ‘GREEN AND GOLD’ TAKES ON NEW MEANING. The West Las Vegas High School environmental studies program is right on time. While the entire nation prepares to go greener, teacher Kirk Ludi is getting his students in on the action, by converting a 1970 Porsche into a battery-operated car, creating an electric bicycle and more. These are the kinds of projects that inventive young minds can really wrap themselves around — and they obviously are.

  • Students reflect on school year

    It’s an age-old tradition — one in which both Dons and Cardinals took part last week at their schools: They scrawled messages in each other’s yearbooks.

    It was also a time to reflect on the last school year.

    West Las Vegas High School student body President Christa Lucero said, “Last year when I decided to run for president, I told myself that we were going to make sure this year was a year to remember.”

    And indeed the West Las Vegas class of 2009 had many successes — they were champions in academics, music and sports.