Mora County

  • Palabras Pintorescas: No, this ranch is definitely not boring

    So what do you do on a ranch? It must be really boring way out there in the middle of nowhere. I don’t think this old ranch fits the definition of boring in any way.

    For example, in the span of one midweek afternoon here (the first week of October) our ranch yard was busy. Now yards in ranches need to be utilized for whatever comes along.

    Son John was baling hay way out there in our big meadow when the shear bolts broke on the baler, and this bent some major working parts of the machine, way in the impossible bowels of this mechanical wonder.

  • Mora County Notebook: The birth of the Cleveland Tin Man

    Those who travel on State Highway 518 north of Mora will view a giant tin man in front of the Cleveland Bar. On closer observation, he shows that he is made only of oil cans of all sizes and shapes.

  • Mora Community Calendar and Senior Lunch Menu - Oct. 11, 2013


    5:30 p.m. — Mora Rangerette volleyball vs. Peñasco, away, junior varsity and varsity
    6:30 p.m. — Mora 4-H meeting, Helping Hands Inc.
    5:30 p.m. — Mora Rangerette volleyball vs. Pecos, home, junior varsity and varsity   
    2 p.m. to 8 p.m. — Mora Community Leadership Institute, Mora Independent School Board Room
    8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. — Continuation of Mora Community Leadership Institute

  • Palabras Pintorescas: Justice center a great resource for area

    When one lives way out in the country like I do, one tends to forget how some of the rest of the world lives. A recent program at our Las Vegas Rotary Club was about the Tri-County Family Justice Center of Northeast New Mexico.

    We all know abuse does happen in families, but unless we are directly involved in abuse events in some way, I think we just sort of ignore it. Turns out this very necessary organization has offices in Las Vegas, Santa Rosa and Mora.

  • Mora County Notebook: Programs help farmers and customers

    Farmers in Mora Valley are working together to encourage one another to improve their ability to raise healthy locally grown food.

    Agriculture has deep roots in Mora Valley and the surrounding communities. Many families in the valley continue to raise gardens.

    One family in Encinal is supporting the effort to “grow more farmers” by offering their ranch as a demonstration site.

    Johnny and Peggy Boney and neighbor, Mabel Medina, are helping provide a place so that local farmers can learn by example.

  • Mora Community Calendar and Senior Lunch Menu - Oct. 4, 2013


    8 a.m. — Mora cross country, SF Indian School, away
    5:30 p.m. — Mora Valley Community Health Services Board, Administration Building
    5 p.m. — Mora Rangerettes volleyball vs. SF Prep, away, junior varsity and varsity
    5 p.m. — Mora Rangerettes vollleyball vs. Monte Del Sol, home, junior varsity and varsity


  • Palabras Pintorescas: Happiness is having good friends

    Happiness is having what we call “always friends” come by, come back for a visit. Such was the case recently when our long- ago neighbors showed up to talk about our fun old times here when they lived just up the road from or ranch headquarters.

  • Mora County Notebook: Mora Farmers Market in full swing

    The Mora Valley Farmers Market has been in full swing since the beginning of July. Any time one going along Main Street in Mora on Friday afternoon will see many people crowded around booths at the Southwest Capital Bank parking lot, buying fresh produce grown on the local farms and ranches.

    At the beginning of the season there was plenty of early summer produce as lettuce, other greens, peas and radishes.

  • Mora Community Calendar and Senior Lunch Menu - Sept. 27, 2013


    8 a.m. — Mora cross country, Robertson
    Noon — Headwaters Food Security Project organizational meeting, Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, Lunch will be served at noon
    5 p.m. — Mora Rangerettes volleyball vs. Santa Rosa, home, junior varsity and varsity


    The lunch menu for the Mora /Wagon Mound Senior Centers with coffee and milk served daily.

  • Palabras Pintorescas: Prayers for moisture were answered

    Yes, it was “water, water everywhere, and nary a drop to drink” as we say goodbye to September. Prayers surely were answered here in our mountains and we watched, with lots of other folks, as drops soon and suddenly became inches of rain.

    I love walking through our nearby forest; it is such a thrill to see our stately pines absolutely soaked; their bark is a glowing dark brown now and hopefully the visiting bark beetles will finally meet their match. Yes, if you want to see a very sick and dying forest, just drive down Mountain View Drive.